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Recent content by Albino

  1. Albino

    Albino wants to rejoin his family

    Hello hello all! :D A lot of you wil remember me, the old =[JFF]=Albino is back on earth. Because of school and other stuff I was very busy, but I was missing JFF more and more. Since I had an awesome time when I was a member, I really want to come back to this lovely family. Real name : Twan...
  2. Albino

    Goodbye JustForFun

    Hello all, As some of you might have noticed I am not as active as I used to be. Two weeks ago I started my study at the university so I have to work hard for it, otherwise I will never be a good doctor (yeah I'm studying "medicine"). Not only my study is asking a lot of time, but also other...
  3. Albino

    Introducing BattleField 1942

    Hello all, Most of you will know the game BattleField 1942. For the one who don't know the game, you can watch the trailer here: It would be a nice idea to introduce this game to JFF. I asked Thunder and he allowed me to ask you about this game. I...
  4. Albino

    Games from the past

    Hii all, I was searching Youtube and I found some stuff from a game I played a few times when I was about 4-7 years old. The game is called Bubble Bobble. So who also played it? :D And I must say the theme is quite awesome ^^
  5. Albino

    Survey about our CoD2 servers

    Hello CoD2 players :D We really appreciate it that you play on our two servers. We made a survey with a couple of questions about our servers. We will discuss the results and maybe some settings will change, and maybe new ideas will pop up. The whole survey won't take more than 5-10 minutes...
  6. Albino

    [Client] Reporter of a ban

    Hii there, Suddenly a idea for our addonclient cam up in my mind. Since a few days we have the !report command, and it works really smooth and quick. But when the ban is made, the box "reported by" is empty. Maybe a idea for the next update that the client fill up that box with the name of the...
  7. Albino

    German voice

    Hii all :D Many of you might have watched Band Of Brothers. Now I have a question about one of the scenes. Even if you haven't watched Band Of Brothers at all, you can help me :D At 0:07, you hear a german voice screaming, but what does he say? Feuern, nach...
  8. Albino

    [CP] Temp ban expiry date

    Hii all, I know temp bans are still being under construction in the AdminCP, but i have a suggestion for it: When a player posts his unban apply the admins sometimes decide to temp ban him till a specific date. But in many cases the player is still banned after that date. So I thought it would...
  9. Albino

    [Client]Copy IP

    With the new addon client it's really great that all !finger gets logged in the userinfo log. But when I want to give a IP to a BR or admin I still need to write down the IP because I can't copy it. My suggestion is to make the stuff in the userinfo log copyable. It will be useful and in this...
  10. Albino

    Making a video

    Hii guys, I wanna start with making a video, and I need you :D Who wanna help me with some materials? I need some video stuff from all COD games (UO, 2,4,MW2, MW3, WaW), Minecraft and TF2. The video thing can be a free spectate part, like a bird in the sky above a map, or it can be your own...
  11. Albino

    [whitelist] Albino

    Hii Thunder, You wanna add me on the whitelist? :D Thanx in advance, =[JFF]=Albino
  12. Albino

    Albino going for numbers

    Hii all! With this post I reached my 1.000th post. :D So now the list will be this: 1. Thunder 2. Virus 3. Esa 4. Needled 5. Anubis 6. Marwan 7. Tukker 8. DaBeast 9. Mak 10. Captain Duck 11. SoNiCia 12. xSoul 13. Radipo 14. Micromeki 15. LightKnight 16. Madara 17. Civious 18. Albino I guess...
  13. Albino

    Choose one

    Hii guys! Let's play the following game in this thread: I start with a choise for you, for example: slow windows 7 or fast windows xp. Then the one who reads this post a new reply with his choise and a new question. So for me it would be: fast windows xp blue or green? This can be really...
  14. Albino

    Nice song! You guys like it? Wanna hear some opinions about it :D
  15. Albino

    Happy Birthday BamBoom

    Happy birthday :D 18 years! Have fun!