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Gr1m Reaper
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  • Hello My Friend how are you?
    can you unban me please and u unbanned me before few weeks and i got banned now for no reason !
    i wasn't hacking i swear to god all players know me im good at cod 4
    and my name is "RAMBO"
    so im here for your forgiveness if u dont mind man and sorry for any disturb i have made
    unban me and you will never see my name again in your ban list <3
    i promise..
    mnay thanks.
    Gr1m Reaper
    Gr1m Reaper
    i will never see your name ingame ever again :D
    have some dignity and face the consequences of your actions, dont be little whiner... thanks
    Just noticed. Happy Birthday mister ;) May your life be of contentment and good health :) Cheers!
    happy birthday anubis's fgt
    hope you ill grow up more, and one day you will kick his a$$ <3
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