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Recent content by Guarnere

  1. Guarnere

    The end of JustForFun ( Wait, we are still alive ! )

    Played my final hours on JFF COD2 server, with Albino (rings a bell?) and Tricikloplots. It's been a blast, and I ended it with a blast! Guarnere out....
  2. Guarnere

    Let's Play COD2! Just For Fun!

    Hi all! :) Many attempts to revive our beloved COD2 server have failed. As a result, I'm the only member left in this section. In all honesty, and as shown by previous attempts, reviving the COD2 server to a level of 5 years ago will be nearly impossible. However, this doesn't mean that we...
  3. Guarnere

    So, what do we want with this server?

    Hey guys, It's been a while since we've been attempting to revive this server to something useful. It worked out pretty well, but unfortunately it did not last. So my question is: what do we want with this server? COD2 is not dead. There are still quite a few servers out there with people. The...
  4. Guarnere

    Awaiting Key Code Authorization

    I can't join the server anymore and it doesn't seem to be truely 'cracked'. I have this yellow Awaiting Key Code Authorization, I have the legal version. This message did appear before when joining the JFF server every now and then, but now it just won't go away and I can't join somehow. Didn't...
  5. Guarnere

    Call of Duty 2 Nights & NEW Rotation and Settings! #COD2RevivalProject2.0

    Dear JFF Community! Just a seperate thread to notify you about our weekly COD2 nights, the new rotation and server settings. PLEASE help us out, INSTALL COD2 and JOIN the game, at least as much as you can on our COD2 nights, but of course also at any other time if possible! We need YOUR help...
  6. Guarnere

    Call of Duty 2 Revival Project 2.0 #MakeJFFCoD2GreatAgain

    Dear JFF community, dear CoD2 Fans! With Call of Duty WWII around the corner, we see yet another sequel in the Call of Duty series. But if there's one CoD installment that, dispite its age, will always crush those fancy ass sequels, it is: Call of Duty 2! Now, back to business: all of us...
  7. Guarnere

    Effects & Sounds in Maps

    Just wondering, why are there no background sounds and things like snow effects in the maps anymore? There are a few exceptions, like in Chelm I can still hear this background 'war sound', probably because it's a custom map. But Stalingrad now is just too boring: no nice snow/drizzle, no...
  8. Guarnere

    Red Alert 2

    Hey guys! Me and Albino want to play the classic Red Alert 2 with eachother, but it doesn't work out! Every time I want to start the game you can see this screen with "connecting other players", but after 30 seconds it says: Unable to connect with other players. It's probably some firewall...
  9. Guarnere

    Forum Ban

    This guy posted this spam twice. I won't click of any of the links! :D Is it possible to ban him from our forums? Guarnere
  10. Guarnere

    COD2 Voice Taunts

    Howdy everyone!! So as I was playing on other servers the past few days when our server was down and I took notice that the rifle only server of AMC Austria has those taunts (voice commands etc.) in different voices. That gives it a nice variation. For example normally you would only have 1...
  11. Guarnere

    Guarnere wants to join JFF!! (Again :D )

    Real name : Evert Ingame name : Guarnere Age :16 Country : The Netherlands Xfire : Evertie44 Why you want to join ?: I've been playing on JFF for a long time now, I like the members, I like the maps and I like the quality of this server, So I'm very glad I found JFF :). I would like to support...
  12. Guarnere

    Apply: Guarnere wants to join!

    Real name : Evert Ingame name : Guarnere Age :16 Country : The Netherlands Xfire : Evertie44 Why you want to join ?: I've tried to join a few months ago and now I want to try again :). Now I have a new PC and COD runs smoothly with great quality it's more fun than ever :D. I think I'm on the...
  13. Guarnere

    Me Guarnere

    Since I applied for the COD2 recruiting I will introduce myself. I'm Evert, 15 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I started playing COD2 about 3 years ago and I joined the JFF server about 4 months ago. Great server with nice people and admins :). COD2 is not my primary game, I usually make...
  14. Guarnere

    Apply:Guarnere Wants to join!

    Real name : Evert Ingame name : Guarnere Age : 15 Country : the Netherlands MSN/Xfire : Xfire: Evertie44 Why you want to join ? : I have been playing for a long time now on JFF, which is a great server and the best server of all so far :). I would love to be a member now and I will...