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    What's On Your Mind?

  2. Hurricane165

    How to enter the Addon.

    if u dont root ur phone u cant get a virus. only if u install something from "blackmarket" imo ;)
  3. Hurricane165

    Picture thread !!

  4. Hurricane165

    How to enter the Addon.

    try to update your java and start with admin. and read the posts before from @Trobon .
  5. Hurricane165

    Picture thread !!

  6. Hurricane165

    How to enter the Addon.

    i think he had java problem. told him to reinstall it ;)
  7. Hurricane165

    Your favourite/funny memes

    everybody now this fail!!
  8. Hurricane165

    Your favourite/funny memes

    @omar3030 :D:D:D:cool:;)
  9. Hurricane165

    need help --> profile

    Hello Guys. yesterday ive installed codwaw and the patches which HakunaRunner shared. ive do everything whats on instruction is written. First start no problem to connect to server. but at after second start the game crashed. If i delete my profile on appdata its starts again... how can i...
  10. Hurricane165


    Hello guys. hope someone can help me... My problem is that during playing on server #5 or #3 there are laggs of my game. Let me explain that: for example if i jump from the corner and there is someone and i shoot but he or "she" killed me and on the killcam i see that my player is not shooting...
  11. Hurricane165

    Hello Girls :D

    Hello guys. I'm Tayfun (like the japanese hurricane ;)) from Turkey, but i was born in austria and live here, many of you knows me as hurricane165 from the #5 Server. As i started to play CoD online, I found your server by chance :D and I'm still here. I dont know how it is on other server...