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    Happy New Year PhOenix !!!

    Happy birthday PhOenix! :)
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    Happy Birthday Ote!

    Thanks very much guys!
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    Happy New Year CmD !!!

    Happy birthday CmD!
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    Request for join JFF

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    Hello! Here in Hungary people prefer to buy flour, sugar and oil in large quantities. The borders are completely closed, only Hungarian citizens can enter after strict control. Corridors have been created to move imports between countries. The country is said to have entered the second phase...
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    Happy New Year Ardens !!

    Happy birthday @Ardens! :)
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    Happy New Year Trobon !!

    Happy birthday Herr Trobon! 🎂🍷:)
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    Call Of duty 4

    In my opinion can't, unless you saved your old player profile file, but you can up to level on the high xp server relatively quickly.
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    Call Of duty 4

    Not sure if this will help, but try to download this program and add it to the cod4 mp folder. >> btw u play cod ww2?
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    Happy New Year Vince (UDieToday) !

    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday Half Gas

    Happy birthday!
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    Good Song :)

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    Happy Birthday el-cuxillito!

    Happy birthday!
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    Call of Duty World at War Servers Ips

    Every day I play with CoD WWII or the new MW and very rarely with CoD WaW, but the latter only makes sense on the PDE server because there are players there. The reason I play a rare on the PDE server is because too many things have been changed in the base game, like no Tabun gas grenade, no...