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  1. Shaikan

    CoD:WaW WH

    am not 100% sure maybe that guy is just ultra lucky dunno also looks like aimlock but again im not sure cuz he lags hard too. 1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker? : SuicidalNerd 2.Cheat / Rule type (aimbot, wallhack, glitching...etc.): Aimlock and WH 3.Server?: WaW softcore #1...
  2. Shaikan

    CoD:WaW aim/WH

    1.Name of the Cheater / Rule Breaker? : Dominic958 2.Cheat / Rule type (aimbot, wallhack, glitching...etc.): Aim and WH 3.Server?: WaW softcore #1 4.Proof?(demo, screenshot):demo0013.dm_6
  3. Shaikan

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    now thats better lul in addition i almost beat my record Killing spree of 31 kills i think <3 27/1 :D
  4. Shaikan

    my brain died from this game

    Some1 checked out Doki Doki i watched it and my brain got damaged i think. i wont sleep tonight prob xD the amount of creppy stuff son :O btw its not any horror game its just a storytelling game with some decisions in it. Its anime too but i liked it even when im not big fun of anime stuff u...
  5. Shaikan

    CoD:WaW aim

    1. name : [HPTC}TomTom11lol 2. server HC #2 Waw 3. reason aimbot 4.proof: demo0003.dm_6
  6. Shaikan

    CoD:WaW multihack

    1. name kirkudu 2. reason multihack nr and aim wh too 3. server #2 HC cod waw 4.demo0000.dm_6
  7. Shaikan

    Joining back!

    Real name : Sebastian In-game name : Shaikan Age : 20 Country : Poland Why do you want to join ? : actually want to rejoin. reason being my absence for like 3 or so months Which games do you play ? : CoD 5 sometimes MW Which servers do you play on ? : CoD WaW #1 and #2 When do you play (time +...
  8. Shaikan

    Im back. Well better late than ever i think

    so for first i wanted to apologize why i did not annouced my break tbh when i started it i thinked it will be just another like 2 weeks break or something like that just cuz i felt i need break from cod. But stuff happened in my life thats the short story. now the long meme so shortly after...
  9. Shaikan

    song meme

    who's good bad boi and listens to something like this ^^
  10. Shaikan

    Halp COD WAW

    some1 knows whats that problem i load to some maps ages for no reason. I jumped on server or just map switched but i had loading bar empty and it was not at all loading or when i tried to reconnect to server it said setting up game... witch normally takes like 1 sec to load but here game hangs...
  11. Shaikan

    What's On Your Mind?

    now for real is some1 intrested with these xD: some1 out there pls :<
  12. Shaikan

    looking for some1 that plays dow40k Ultimate apocalypse xD

    well maybe its stupd to look for some1 to play RTS on forum thats mainly about CODs but maybe there are some1 fams that played that mod or alt least peoples that played vanilla DOW 40k. Now im new to UA (ultimate apocalypse) but i played alot of DoW 40k vanilla and you know what swaping on UA...
  13. Shaikan

    CoD:WaW Nr and run glitch

    name: EO_BeNoNi reason: looks like nr and he is giltching sprint he does not make any sound when sprinting :O server: HC #2 demos:demo0013.dm_6
  14. Shaikan

    CoD:WaW Aimbot boy

    1. name: [PL]ii_Michal_x 2. reason: Aimbot lokks like Nr too 3. server: Hc #2 4. demos:demo0008.dm_6 Shai is back with playing Witcher stealed y life for a week xD
  15. Shaikan

    CoD:WaW multihack

    1. name: purifiedlinx 2. reason: aimbot and WH 3. server: HC #2 4. demos:demo0006.dm_6 a pure one jst look at it and u know everthying ^^