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  1. True.north

    Just giving up?

    OK guys I understand that we are closing shop soon, but can someone explain to me wtf is going on with WAW servers? Are we just giving up on WAW before we end the JFF story or what? Server vent offline yesterday evening and since then, noone even cares if its online or not?
  2. True.north

    Its that time of the year

    My dear brothers and sisters, it is that time of the year again! I wish you all a happy Xmas, i wish you all love, health, I wish you luck and I wish you happiness! All those wishes go to your loved ones also! So take your time today, tell your family you love them and enjoy this days of peace...
  3. True.north

    Server 1

    Some hard laggggggg on server #1, any ideas why?
  4. True.north

    Problems connecting

    All of a sudden I get this notification; server authantication failure, please try again! Any ideas guys?
  5. True.north

    A nice 1vs4 Ninja defuse

    A nice 1vs4 Ninja defuse I managed to pull on de_mirage!
  6. True.north

    Got a question!

    I am getting new components for my computer at the end of this week, so I will have to reinstall windows again to the "new computer" So what I would like to know is, will all of my unlocked perks and stuff dissapear after I reinstall CODWAW or are the gonna stay on my profile, because i am using...
  7. True.north


    I bought and installed COD WAW throu STEAM, works fine, easy connect to our servers, but i can't bind my name to the one with our tag! I tried the cod4 way with console command /bind p name but its not working! Tried to put the clan name in clan tag that is available to you in multiplayer...
  8. True.north

    Picture thread !!

    Some work pictures! On all of them I have a beard, when i shave a school bus would stop for me :P
  9. True.north

    Back in Black

    Just to let you know, Santa was generous this year, COD4 is being downloaded through steam right now, Addon already installed and online, so i will see you all today! <3 <3 <3
  10. True.north

    Buying COD4 throu STEAM

    Just wondering guys, if I buy COD4 on STEAM, would i be still able to play on our COD4 servers? Are there any problems?
  11. True.north

    Windows Activation

    Guys I have a problem with activating Windows 7 ultimate N I was using this version for some time now, but I can't activate it! Searched everywhere for a good KEY or some option to activate it, but no luck so far... :( Any ideas how to fix this?
  12. True.north

    Happy New Year

    My brothers and sisters, my friends, 2016 is in its dying breaths, and 2017 is about to be born! I would like to thank you for all the fun, all the great talks and jokes, all the fun minutes spent with you all ingame! I know that last couple of months i was AFK from COD4 servers, and i promise i...
  13. True.north

    Opinions on this computer setup

    Hey guys! So my computer is dying on me and I have an option to get a new one with this setup, and i wanna hear your honest opinions on it! I know its not ideal but that basically one of the few options that I have! Processor: Intel core i7 4790 (3,6 Ghz) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3 Ram...
  14. True.north

    Anyone into planes?

    Anyone into planes? You gotta see this guys!