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  1. WISH

    Error, key code in use

    Topic. Fix please <3
  2. WISH

    In-game server list

    I couldn't find our UO server from in-game server list. I'm not sure have it never shown there. If not, maybe server does not send heartbeat to master server (activision)?
  3. WISH

    Server configure changes

    Only two changes, 1. Ranks are changed to 20, 40, 60 and 80 points. That means you need to get 80 points to get artillery. 2. Satchel charge is disabled at ranks 3 (60 points) and 4 (80 points), but you can still found these from the map. Hope you all like the changes.
  4. WISH

    Custom resolution to cod UO (1920x1080)

    Guide, how to change resolution to 1920x1080. 1. Open cod UO. 2. Open console (§ -key, below Esc button ;)). 3. Type next 6 commands to console. /connect "" /seta cg_fov "96.4183" /seta r_mode "-1" /seta r_customwidth "1920" /seta r_customheight "1080" /quit If someone is...
  5. WISH

    New headset for a PC use

    Hello guys. I'm searching for a new high quality gaming headset for a PC use. So if you got experience or good ideas, please let me know :) Headset must meet following requirements; 1. Wireless 2. Include microphone 3. Small USB receiver/transmitter 4. Cost less than 500€
  6. WISH

    Addon freezes

    When I have played some time at the cod uo server with the tag, server will kick me out (1) using for protected name or (2) using for private slot. I start the game from addon which has been freeze every single time after I have been kicked. For example I can't open chat window, chat log, server...
  7. WISH

    Members vs Registered users SD match suggestion

    How about once a month match between members and registered users? I'm personally very intrested with idea. So what we need to execute this; - Password protected server - Scheduled time - 8 players minimum (in my mind) For those who haven't never played clan matches, I can tell you, the game is...
  8. WISH

    Joining request

    Real name: Antti Ingame name: WISH Age: 29 Country: Finland Why do you want to join?: To be honest, I really didn't think about joining to JFF but when your game admin did take contact and we discussed a little bit, I asked to my self; Why not?! Which games do you play?: Call of Duty -...
  9. WISH

    CoD:UO win

    win 91.98.*.* no recoil
  10. WISH

    CoD:UO man

    man 91.98.*.* aimbot
  11. WISH

    CoD:UO s2#@#2

    s2#@#2 91.99.*.* aimbot
  12. WISH

    CoD:UO Hotel du Cheval Noir

    Hotel du Cheval Noir 188.25.*.* no recoil
  13. WISH

    mp_brecourt - BEL

    mp_brecourt - BEL = Server crash After server crash map rotation start from the beginning (mp_cassino - HQ). Please remove the map from rotation or change game type, maybe SD?
  14. WISH


    KOH3EPBA 178.223.*.* wallhack A low skilled player, with wallhack maybe average. Speciality; Granades like to find enemies even the player have a few of them while playing a big map.
  15. WISH

    CoD:UO @#$f SS

    @#$f SS 37.254.*.* aimbot
  16. WISH

    Auto balance error

    Sometimes server stuck when auto balance try change player to other team. When it happens, one way to solve the issue is that all players have to quit from the server. I don't know why it started to works just few minutes ago when only Putty did quit from the server :) Maybe someone have...
  17. WISH

    CoD:UO avada kedavra

    avada kedavra 91.147.*.* no recoil
  18. WISH

    CoD:UO *&$#@ aimbot

    *&$#@ 5.78.*.* aimbot btw, can't report player in-game. Players name is what it is.....
  19. WISH

    Addon disabled

    Please fix it. Otherwise can't report cheaters/hackers and recording is pointless. Yesterday and today there have been at least one player who is using aimbot. I believe that lower the number of the players on server.
  20. WISH

    Server crashed?!

    Please check.