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  1. OTe

    Happy birthday Warnaar!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is full of fun and adventure. ;)
  2. OTe

    Server #3 Game Mode Change

    Soon the zombie server will be terminated, a Hardcore TDM server will be in place. There are two main reasons for this change: one that the zombie server did not meet the expected hopes, that is, it was not quite popular, and sometimes there were operational problems, the other reason is that...
  3. OTe

    Happy Birthday REM!

    May all your wishes come true. Happy birthday @REM! :)
  4. OTe

    Happy birthday -Ho-Oh-!

    Happy birthday mate, enjoy your day! :)
  5. OTe

    Happy Birthday Lyzone!

    Happy birthday @Lyzone! Have a good one! :)
  6. OTe

    Screen resolution problem

    The problem started with a Windows update, my computer restarted and has since configured 640x480 instead of 1680x1050. I can not change this in the nvidia control panel because it simply does not offer other resolution options. System recovery does not solve the problem. I've checked all the...
  7. OTe

    Happy Birthday Blade!

    Happy birthday man! Best wishes.:)
  8. OTe


    Does anyone know the solution to this:event log 6008 unexpected shutdown? All the google search I tried, but did not give a solution.
  9. OTe

    Happy birthday lifeboy!

    Best wishes @lifeboy ,enjoy in your day!:)
  10. OTe

    Happy birthday Ana

    I wish the best,enjoy your the day @Ana! :)
  11. OTe

    Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: server #5

    The server # 5 rethinking
  12. OTe


    I would like to inquire about that what is reason,that no JFF only TDM server? For example, I play with so little CoD4,because not so much liked a mixed servers.
  13. OTe

    CoD:WaW Aim

    name:TheTimeSound IP:188.153 server:waw #1 proof:demoTheTimeSound.dm_6
  14. OTe

    CoD:WaW cheat

    name: PIZDEC_WAM server:waw#1 reason:wallhack or multihack IP:91.124. proof:demoPIDEC_WAM.dm_6
  15. OTe

    CoD:WaW aim

    name:GhostApple11 server:waw#1 reason:aimbot IP:45.46. proof:demoGohostApple11.dm_6
  16. OTe

    CoD:WaW wh

    name:jaizeeeeer01 server:waw#1 reason:wallhack IP:idk proof:demojaizeeeeer01.dm_6
  17. OTe

    CoD:WaW please refer to an expert

    name:hubinator1 server:#waw1 reason:wallhack? IP:Unfortunately, by that time left proof:demoHUbilator1.dm_6
  18. OTe

    CoD:WaW wallhack

    name:jaizeeeeer01 reason:wallhack server:waw#1 IP:79.55. proof:demojaizeeeeer01.dm_6
  19. OTe

    CoD:WaW multihack

    name:IIIIIIII server:waw#1 IP:193.159. reason:multihack proof:demoIIIIIIII.dm_6
  20. OTe

    CoD:WaW aim

    name:Iksitb server:waw#1 IP:162.192. reason:aimbot proof:demoIksitb.dm_6