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  1. Hybrid

    please unban :(

    i dont really want to call any shots here but i have a diffrent suggestion. You guys stop letting him troll you and we enforce the ban he requested on himself. We banned him for elevator/glitching a few times and he was kind enough to provide the evidence himself on his youtube channel and by...
  2. Hybrid

    News and Updates

    But can we please reduce the number of bots? Like, 4 whould be enough if you ask me
  3. Hybrid


    I live near the center of the outbreak in germany but there is still plenty of TP here. We are doing fine for the most part but i think that the biggest and most brutal outbrake will happen in africa soon. Millions of people will not be able to isolate themselves and healthcare is basicly...
  4. Hybrid

    Good Song :)

  5. Hybrid

    Automatic Screenshots -- And auto ban on immediate disconnect after SS attempt

    Dont ban if they leave the server. If they cheat and rejoin after every single screenshot taken, they will get bored really quick anyways. Just because someone leaves the server when the screen is taken doesnt mean they cheated. For some people screenshots cause massive lags lasting a few...
  6. Hybrid

    Good Song :)

  7. Hybrid

    I no hak

    i think this shows that we need to improve our system a bit. We cant just throw br to anyone who just joined the team. Sure, screenshots are very easy bans but most other stuff is not. We are at a point where Banrighted dont even know that they have to get proof. Like, They dont know what a...
  8. Hybrid

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    "We want to make a tournament but we dont know what we are going to play, how to score points or how teams are build. We did not announce an organizer to make decisions. Thats all not a problem because its just for fun and is supposed to be casual. And we dont want any fakink Warteam tryhards...
  9. Hybrid

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    Seems like someone doesnt want to get destroyed by the Superior Scope Team :cool:
  10. Hybrid

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    Meanwhile 5TF hosts a tourny with 48 promod teams. Old ex-professional legends like phantasy, qLimAxzU, Stevy participate. i helped out behind the scenes with some of their cups and tournys and i could request some help from them if you want to get serious with a jff tourny. But i think we...
  11. Hybrid

    =[JFF]= Tournament -- Anybody interested ?? 18-19.01.2020

    I whould play if this whole thing wasnt so confusing. i still dont get what you guys want to play and how you want to play it
  12. Hybrid

    CoD4 LagM

    Demo for LagM is trash, please unban him for the sake of ben being wrong abt him Off topic, she looked 16 didnt cheat and boris just ragehacked after i triggerd him. I spotted it, not ben. Dont act like you were the brains in here
  13. Hybrid

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Who needs a full team anyways. Best duo squad eu
  14. Hybrid

    Exp Tournament

    1st match: JFF vs Team mYdesire Starting in a few min. Stream:
  15. Hybrid

    What's On Your Mind?

    This should end our dispute once and for all. Please never use scope again mr 200+ms inferiour scope!
  16. Hybrid

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Real love is stronger than the worst pain a human can feel: a server 3 marathon
  17. Hybrid

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Welcome to cs:go @dOber @LittlePip @Anna :)
  18. Hybrid

    5TF Tournament

    Just won our match against Freedom Fighters. Upcoming match: JFF vs voLition Thanks to our carry @Anna we managed to dominate them 4vs5. Great job!
  19. Hybrid

    2 Screens and performance problem.

    Are you sure that the memory graph there doesnt represent the ram? Show me the value you see on the buttom here:
  20. Hybrid

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    24-22 and perdikos sells my life for a 360 he fails. He really wanted another overtime. Fak this guy