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    please unban :(

    Your name/nick in game?: nhatlam Your IP?: IPv6: 2001:16b8:31f2:7100:798f:1899:18ae:1659 IPv4: Which one of our Admins banned you?: halfgas Why you were banned?: WALL HACK Why should we unban you?: I dont wallhack. I was a little bit sneaky by using the spectator cam to gain...
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    CoD4 he is glitching and thinks he is cool

    Who: nhatlaam Where: CoD4 server #6 Cheat: everything!!! Proof:!qcF1BYqY!emKjEs3wQ02Rrl0XpQPjtyV0X94BMQdXdkkyAGqMkMg he even made a video with this, BAN HIM ALREADY