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CoD4 -|2L2Q|- vs =[JFF]=


New member
Xfire to contact war organizer : robertgrima or kennyyboii
Clan name : Too Legit To Quit
Clan tag : -|2L2Q|-
Clan site :/
Skill : /low+ med-



Game Admin
Game Admin
Warteam Member
if u need my help i will glad to help u guys.. but depens from my work..
btw when u decede the date pls pm me on private so will read it cuz i am pretty busy in this time...


New member
Well we need to see when all five of us can be on at the same time...
I'll come back to this thread with possible details :)


New member
Okay, let's get something started here.... Let's say tomorrow at 19.00 server time and just see how many that can play and which players. You can probably get enough players so that won't be a big deal.
So we have:
Me (SeXy)

Let's make this a fair and awesome game :D Let the best team win! :p