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Admin Meeting 2017.05.28


Retired Admin
Warteam Member
I thank you all for giving me the chance to be a part of this great community. I won't disappoint you guys :)

Also thanks for the warm welcome :)

To all the promoted ones, congratulations guys, we'll deserved :)


New member
Ardens, Gisbourne, Yabwon, Gianni, Thunder, Digitron, ElementX, Firework, Sammy, Warnaar, GammaDeltaII
i really want to salute u admins and those who are working hard for [JFF] family...keep working my support is allways with you guys..Thanks.
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The legend has retired!
I've been browsing the forum for 2 days now and didn't saw this thread. later today I noticed my name in cyan color xDD so I had to look for an Admin meeting thread lol.

Thanks for the promotion :) This is my first time getting a kickrighted status. Last time I was in JFF, I went straight from member to BR due to lack of members playing CoD5 ^^