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Admin Meeting 2017.08.13

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I'm tired of all this "..." bullshit after promotions. Like do y'all no longer get along? Or just upset that you didn't get promoted? (@ Everyone) This "..." is prevalent on multiple posts in this thread and every AM thread. Like seriously fill me in on all this underhanded sarcasm.


Game Admin
things shouldn't be bottled up, if someone has something to say > he should just go ahead and say it. written words can be interpreted in different ways, so, again, if someone has any remarks, something that bugs him, go ahead and say it, be clear about it!

O and these congrats like 3 weeks after the AM are kinda > LATE??? It would be more tasteful to wait for the next am to make the post.

LOCK is not always the answer! Conflict is the essence of drama, and conflicts should be resolved, not pushed aside or locked. So go ahead my queens!


Can anyone explain me what a hell is going on? Why so much rage, sarcasm and irony? We should be proud of our mate and dont care about if they are simple members or BR or Admin ++ or whatever , we are here to help each others and have fun, god da*n it is it so important to have some type o "super power" to be happy? We are big family and lets stay so, we are not bunch of streets dogs fighting for a piece of meat, dont be hungry of power
Not open for further replies.