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Admin Meeting 2018.03.11

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Game Admin
I can understand some people's frustrations and I have in the last admin meeting called out a few questions (luckily it was an oversight and I got promoted).
So please all take a breathe and do vent constructively.
Please bear in mind what I think is required to get to banrighted, in order of priority, at least it is what I would argue:
- play time,
- kick and ban request trustworthiness (how many false positives do you produce? It means you need to learn to spot a hacker, otherwise other admins and ban-righters have to do more work where none was required). LOL at this: Blackstone's formulation - "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer" - it applies to our servers :p
- forum activity,
- are you a good player? Do you shine whilst wearing the JFF tag?
- Ban and kick rate (this is interesting, when I was a player I had a high ban rate compared to when I became a member, why? Simply put banning hackers is difficult because they see a JFF clan-tag online and either turn off the hack or quit the server. With a non-JFF tag it is easy as the hacker is relaxed (it is even harder in CoD 5 since if you have legit version you can not change your name).

Now onto Senior Admins status, they are the equivalent to veterans, they deserve a rest in there old-age! :p
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I read talks about dedication, hard work, play hours, long demos, making bans, removing bans, proving the trust, bone braking effort, and i have done it all AND i still dont get a promotion. I am lvl 4 for almost 3 years now and they pass me over every time! I mean, what does a guy have to do? In a moment of weakness i even sent naked pics to few members of admin team hoping that that would close the deal, but nothing happened. I felt mad and exposed (they were really spicy pics). But over the years i got to know these guys (admins) and i really do respect them, they do some crazy shiit in the background that most of us dont even know about and they see things. These guys have seen the worst moments in jff and they know how to deal with them, i mean we are all still here cause of it, they dont just flip the coin and say he gets it and he doesnt (well, there was that one time Gis got promoted)!

Sooo, for the god knows how many times, there is a reason for Every action admins take, we consider all the aspects and we act accordingly. Sooo, no need to point fingers anywhere other except in to a first mirror you can see, have a close look and think a little, do some research, check the wall of shame (cod4 AND cod5), type some admin names and see how many bans they made as a reporter before they were approving them > A HUGE HINT! Maybe then you will get the picture why some members got the br so fast and why others got it a bit later, and why some didnt. Number of bans, quality of demos, responsibility, attitude > things we consider!

Maybe i didnt get promoted cause they want me to stay motivated, try to get the best of me. Im 34 freaking years old and im still learning things here, im still working to better myself, im open to suggestions, and i may do things my way, but do it just the same. If i just get what i want, maybe ill realize i didnt really need it, who knows :confused:
You're the hero we always needed. A true legend!


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Retired Admin
It's funny how some people think the Seniors haven't done anything for the community because now they aren't playing anymore. The most active people have always been members, KR and BR (some exceptions ofcourse) We have all been those levels, we have all been in situations were none BR+ was online and we had cheaters in the servers. We all watched hundreds of potential cheaters and made demo's and rewatched them to be sure. We have all been the only BR+ online when there wasn't "just a button" to ban people. (you got name, ip and reason via xfire) So please off....
I "celebrate" my 6 year in JFF soon, i have thought about leaving many times, but some bond keeps me here. In 3 months i will finish my 3 year studie (i'm 37, it's not getting easier when you are older) and maybe i have some time to play again. Till then i think i earned my place.


The Rebellious Deserter
Just for the record. Noone said that. He hasnt been here that long to even know you. He judges by what he knows of late.
Getting up that hill of hierarchy should be considered a reward for the status you helped jff receive. Noone blames anyone for having a life and getting sick of games. God knows you cant play a game for 20 years and not get tired of it. Youve done youre share and so did the others. Now enjoy your retirement. As in any job. You all got a little sensitive about a couple of posts for no reason. What happened to you guys

You guys should serve as pillars of sanity and not get on your feet each time someone says anything bad about some injust feeling they get by someone elses effort getting recognized and their isnt.
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Game Admin
In my humble opinion, some people lost their respect for the old members, that made all of this possible for us! Some lost it, some never head it... But thats just me, and opinions are like A holes, everyone has one! I am happy that I am BR, will not lie, but if I was not made BR in all this time, I would ask why, but would not make all the drama about it! When I got into JFF (old members know the struggles I had) I was:
a) happy about it
b) knew how the promotions work and accepted it
c) was sure I was gonna stay just a member without KR or even BR (and I was fine with it)

If you expect to get a promotion in your real job, just because you were working good, made a lot of profite, be a good worker, you have another thing coming! And sometimes life is not fair, we all know that! What I am woried about right now is where is all this drama taking us my dear children? Sometimes you gotta be happy with what you have, not with what you want! And as Mick Jagger sings "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need..." Love, my dear brothers and sister, love!!!
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