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Admin Meeting 2018.04.08


Probably plays for WarTeam
U know what I am talking about. Some ban reports and etc...
Mhmmmm, do I? cause even since I started to use the JFF tag it's been impossible to ban request people, sorry if I use an alt to ban request hackers, I'll be sure to use my JFF tag and probably never really catch a hacker. :)

I removed this from my first reply but Ima add it back;

When it becomes illegal to use an alt account to ban hackers, you let me know and I'll be sure to use my JFF tag to go into spec so everyone can see, and look to see if someone is hacking and to ban them, just for you.

Couldn't of pm'd me? Had to put it on the admin meeting board right?
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Game Admin
U did not understand me. I am talking about my ban report for U. Think this issue is not a part of admin meating.


Probably plays for WarTeam
Okay, so EVERYONE in JFF must now use their FULLNAME and TAG to avoid others from thinking you're hacking for the high skill level, maybe this can be talked about in the next admin meeting... cause I don't always want to use my Main Account, I like to play and not have to worry about people toggling off if they are hacking because I am using an alt. It makes no sense.

Admins/Members should be allowed to use other accounts and not always have to be online as an admin, maybe take a break

You should be able to tell the difference between someone who is hacking, and someone who is good, and knows common spots.

I'll be sure to post when the next admin meeting it announced to ask, if this can be talked about; or at least, they can see it here.


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We've already discussed this several times on admin meetings:
- Keep your own nickname & be proud of your tag! Don't confuse people with changing nicknames every 5 min.
- Play with your tag =[JFF]=, be proud to be a member!
*Try to play with JFF tag as much as possible, with the only exception of undercover spectating. Be proud of JFF!
You are a proud JFF members, the least you can do is wear a tag instead of beeing undercover ;)
Of course, it's fine to use an undercover name when necessary, but don't use it all the time. If you don't want to be bothered by players, then why be a member? If players are complaining for no reason, tell them to stop and take appropriate action if they continue or just ignore them. Keep in mind that using your tag also works as a deterrent in a positive way. If players see there is a member online, they are less likely to break any rules. If a player decides it's better not to cheat when members are online, that's great. That means you can play and don't have to bother spectating. If they turn on their cheats as soon as you leave, then you simply rejoin undercover.

You should be able to tell the difference between someone who is hacking, and someone who is good, and knows common spots.
This I absolutely agree with. Undercover names should not affect this in any way. It also goes the other way around: the =[JFF]= tag is no guarantee that a member doesn't cheat. :)
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And what about you @faceoff , when was the last time you used your tag. I mean, sure, trapzz might use undercover name, but i saw him with tags. Lots of insults around you when you dont have one, right? I didnt want to reply here, but i saw you even blamed trapzz for the false ban you made, in public! So, how about you listen to your own advice and put a tag :rolleyes: