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Admin Meeting 2018.09.09


Game Admin
Well aware of that, still, that thread was made in February, at some point you have to ask, how much longer? Anyways, he is afk, it's not like he can use his br.
That was a strange am, typing on a phone from a coffee shop (thank you cmd) while eating a pizza. Perfect attendance!
He said he didn't know how long would take that time :/
Ummm, the last post June 8, 2018, and he has no playtime. :(
For that's an afk thread. :/


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Its Ok, I am fine with that. For the last 6 ADMS meetings I did abt 4h only. Its not that I am not care - its because I dont like play 30v30...

PS: If I wanted it back I will get it v fast. 4h its not a long - cmon


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LooL there are more important things then playing CoD....sometimes you have time to play and sometimes you have no time.

For me, my job changed internal a lot, cause we have many projects at same time and i cant play much as 6 month ago....

Time comes and goes. We lost many good people by inactivity.....

@Blade you do a good job congratz