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Albino going for numbers


New member
Hii all!

With this post I reached my 1.000th post. :D
So now the list will be this:
1. Thunder
2. Virus
3. Esa
4. Needled
5. Anubis
6. Marwan
7. Tukker
8. DaBeast
9. Mak
10. Captain Duck
11. SoNiCia
12. xSoul
13. Radipo
14. Micromeki
15. LightKnight
16. Madara
17. Civious
18. Albino

I guess Lixton will be next because he already has 998 posts.


New member
ffffffffffuuuuuuuu :-@.... albino is spamming more then me lol.... hahahah, i'm joking, congratz <3