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CoD4 b2kill challenge


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we already have for sunday clan war :) we can play saturday or friday, you choose time,maps, i think 5 rounds is fine first one to 3 won.


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Please make sure that everyone has working punkbuster files. Last cw we had the enemys could not play for that reason. 1 enemy even got a global ban (rip key) because he used fullbright on our server. Make sure your team doesnt run such stuff.


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...i think 5 rounds is fine first one to 3 won.
TDM should be 15 - 20 min by map, Two maps: 1st you will choose, 2nd we will choose.

...or maybe you have other system?

IP will be provided to you on forums PM on Thursday by one of our JFF team member ;)


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Game Admin
Donator It's about 800-900 MB so u need to download it sooner than the war date :)
That's for your teammates that have md5tool mismatch download the file extract it and copy and replace the files that will be extracted into your main folder of cod4.
C:\Program Files\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\main
C:\Program Files x86\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\main
Idk where exactly is your game installed so u have to figure out the rest :)