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brendand unban request


New member
Your name/nick in game?: brendand
Your IP?:
Which one of our Admins banned you?: not sure
Why you were banned?: not sure what i was accused of, i lagged out ( i thought) as i was almost on a second nuke, playing in top form. I can't see the server anymore so i assume i was banned
Why should we unban you?: because i like playing this server a lot and im not cheating


New member
i can now see the server? I'm not sure whats going on, i imagine it might be a problem with my internet. Anyways, this motivated me to join the forum - so hello all!


Staff member
Game Admin
Hi and welcome to forums. Have you been perm/ temp banned or not? I cannot see any record of a ban under this name

We are more active on our discord if you would like to keep up with spam there :)