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CoD4 cid _3 cheater and wh


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go to the JFJ, upload the demo, after its uploaded, hover your mouse pointer over that demo, right click over it and copy the link address, make a new thread and in the end of the thread paste the demo link. and you get the working link to your demo,


WAIT, the picture shows me trying to make a copy of the folder, i did not realize that this was a folder, SO, grrr, GO in the folder and do what the pic meant to explain. do not copy the damn folder link.



and ofc you made a folder for 2 demos, which is just pointless and confusing for me who is trying to make a point here, but i managed to get this far, i might as well finish it. I never saw anyone struggle so hard with copy/paste before. Also, i just realized you made a folder for every demo, dont do that, its just pointless and time consuming, just upload the demos and copy the link, paste it in the thread, simple as that. What inspired you to make a folder for every demo?

ADD: FFS man, i lost like 20 minutes for a 2 min post, you just confused my entire day. Is this the "lets complicate simple things" day?
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Nub I even explained to you how to do this..

How to make a ban request.

Who's REM?

Feb 18, 2018
So this is how you should format ban requests

1.Name of Rule Breaker/Cheater? (Cheaters name, Should be exact)

2.What rule/cheat?(aimbot, wallhack...etc.) (self explanatory)

3.Server? (The server he was cheating on, S1 / S2/ S3 etc)

4.Proofs? (This is where you add the link to the demo from your Just for Junk folder) To do this, upload the demo to your folder like you have been doing after it is added, right click it and click "Copy link address" then paste that link here) eg:

Should look like this -

I'm not trying to get on to you, but come on xD