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[CP] Temp ban expiry date


New member
Hii all,

I know temp bans are still being under construction in the AdminCP, but i have a suggestion for it:

When a player posts his unban apply the admins sometimes decide to temp ban him till a specific date. But in many cases the player is still banned after that date. So I thought it would be useful to add a box called: expiry date.

The admin that makes the decission till which date the bans stays, enters this ban in the box. When that date is reached, the ban will be removed automatically.

I also think it is nice to expand this feature with "time". In that time box you can enter a time. This can be used for short temp bans.

I hope my suggestion is a good one.

Thanks for reading this!




Winter has come.
Like this option, anyway I think Thunder is working on it ^^ atm he has a sh*tload of new features done or WIP for cp that we don't even know, so this could already be in the list xD