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Let's educate the ignorant :)

Call of Duty Wikia said:
Spread - Subsequent shots will not hit the center of the cross-hairs. Almost all weapons have quite high spread when hip-firing but no spread when aiming down the sights.
For the ones who want to read all about recoil: here.


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I dont have that much time, to get familiar with quake engine, to code aimbot, which (after injection) will point crosshair into enemy head to show You what I mean. The red dot thing, is to help someone (if someone is blind enough) see that this guy is using some kind of software which programmatically aims head. With the red dot You can clearly see, that his crosshair is pointing into one point (inside his head, hitbox style or bone style), and stays there for some amount of time. Red dot thing is only for demo-viewing, not watching this YT clip.

And I know what spread and recoil is, don't worry.


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i had to come for this.

LOL. sure its rewa, nice prev. but wh? aim? sure ban people with no visible proof, unban the ones with it :'D love all
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