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dont kick me if you suck


New member
there was an admin who banned me just because i was smacking him. we were playing crossfire, and teams were 4v4 yet he banned me for " balance"
lol what a mongoloid dipshit you are my boy.
just remove his admin he is pathetic af yet he sucks at cod4 and will kick anyone plowing him.


Game Admin
Already explained you that if there are bots (they are useless and they come automatically to supply players when to be always 4 vs 4) and you (and also the other guys) get asked to switch teams to balance cause it's 1 (real player) vs 4 (real players), and you don't care. After telling you a map before to balance cause you were the last who came, and you don't give a fu .. ck. That's what you get.

Use the common sense.

Your temp ban it's not cause of that of course, it's cause your behaviour (insulting after you got back, and keep insulting while you got the explanation why you got kicked before).

And don't come here with that kind of behavior. It could make your 1h temp ban worse.