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German voice


New member
Hii all :D

Many of you might have watched Band Of Brothers. Now I have a question about one of the scenes. Even if you haven't watched Band Of Brothers at all, you can help me :D


At 0:07, you hear a german voice screaming, but what does he say?

Feuern, nach links.........? Or something else? ^^

Can you help me :D

Thanx in advance!


New member
Hm I turned that Youtube clip in mp3 and cut that little part out and heard it with my ear on the pc speaker.
Very hard to understand, but I think he says:

Feuer nach links verlagern! ... Feuer!

That means:
Relocate the fire to the left! ... Fire!


New member
floda is right he said "feuer nach links verlagern" :)
and that means relocate the fire to the left side


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Retired Admin
The best mini-serial, great movie.

The best character - Ronald Speirs - real hero! Last scene 'A real leader' from this serial is the best ever!



New member
Band Of Brothers is a nice series, but this american pathos and superiority (like in almost all american WW2 war movies) is really pathetic.

These Wehrmacht soldiers running without destination without cover on a field and dying like flies, what a stupid scene and the whole movie is full of that.
For me, as a german, I feel insulted by these foolish scenes.

I watched it one time and never again, typical bullshit movie from americans for americans.


New member
Band of Brothers is one of the best serials I have ever watched, my favourite is carentan and brecourt part :)