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Goodbye JustForFun


New member
Hello all,

As some of you might have noticed I am not as active as I used to be. Two weeks ago I started my study at the university so I have to work hard for it, otherwise I will never be a good doctor (yeah I'm studying "medicine"). Not only my study is asking a lot of time, but also other things like work etc. So unfortunately I do not have time enough for JFF.

I did not made this decision in 1 minute or something like that (I'm not leaving because I got demoted, I made this final step about 1,5 week ago) , but I've ben thinking a long time about leaving JFF of not. I hope that my place will be filled up with new members who can be active and can contribute to JFF.

During my time in JFF I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot! I want to thank Thunder for leading this great community. Everyone knows that this is not an easy job, but he is doing this very well!

For the fun I want to thank my 2 (real life) friends: =[JFF]=Guarnere and The Flying Dutchman.
But ofcourse I can't forget my best friend that I met in JFF: =[JFF]=HakunaRunner :D Runner, I had a lot of fun with you and you were always in for a talk. We should not stop that talking ;)

Thanks all for the great time you gave me. I hope to see you every now and then. For now:




Doctor is a hard profession so study well mate. Im not a doctor but i work in a hospital and almoast all my relatives are doctors, so i know how is it! Hope to see you sometimes playing here for fun! Good luck!


Winter has come.
Oh Albino! :(
Good luck with Medicine studies!! hope to see you around sometimes old mate ^^


New member
aaah shit. too bad to see this message, but i expected it would come ;)

Yes good luck with you study Albino! Work hard but don´t forget to have fun ^^.

We will definitely continue to talk with each other! ;)

Cya mate!