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Inactive server :(


New member
Why is this server inactive?
Does anybody wants to play 1 game for fun?
I didn't played cod2 very long time :)


Hopeless case
Staff member
Game Admin
I'm in too.
Man, I remember, back in 2006 when this game was new, I was 1st grade in highschool. Near school there is a small internet caffe with only 6 PCs. My classmates and me used to spend every single minute in there playing this game in LAN after school before we had to go home. Some were playing and some were watching others play because there wasnt enough Pcs for all. Back then we only had 56k modems that sucked and only one guy had ISDN so he could play at home. He was self called pro among us but when game started everyone was just camping and he was soo pissed.....ahhhh. Good times.:)
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