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Interview: =[JFF]=BamBoOm


New member
I was going to be very busy this weekend so I thought I would post it earlier ^^
Let's do this ^^

How did you end up finding JFF?
BamBoOM: i found it in some cracked servers list on a random website, liked it and stayed

Was JFF your favorite server when you found it?
BamBoOM: well yea, thats why i stayed here for that long xD

Since you joined two times What was your favorite part about JFF before you joined (both times)?
BamBoOM: i liked the custom rotations and the members here
BamBoOM: friendly and helpful

When you joined, did you think JFF would last this long?
BamBoOM: not really
BamBoOM: i thought someday @Thunder will get bored and shut everything down xD

Who do you miss the most after they left JFF?
BamBoOM: hmm... i miss Legend
BamBoOM: nice times when we were playing with him and really funny

What do you think is the future of JFF?
BamBoOM: i think it will survive some more years xD
=[JFF]=Horrow: well it will fall down after I leave ....
=[JFF]=Horrow: they will miss the source of energy ...
BamBoOM: true

What would you change in JFF if you could? (P.S there is only one thing not to talk about xD)

BamBoOM: which is?
=[JFF]=Horrow: promotions xD
BamBoOM: i think promotions are fine
=[JFF]=Horrow: =.= not talking about it :p
BamBoOM: i would update more often the rotaions
BamBoOM: at least for serv 1 and 2

Do you plan ever leaving JFF?

BamBoOM: even thought its kinda happening already
BamBoOM: i guess at some point i will
BamBoOM: but i dont think soon
=[JFF]=Horrow: ow I bet they will miss you :'(

The ladies of JFF want to know ,What are some hobbies of yours?
BamBoOM: i used to play football, running, tennis, swimming but lately not that much

What is your favorite car?
BamBoOM: um.. i always liked ferrari cars
=[JFF]=Horrow: every car or a specific one ?!
BamBoOM: i like many models
BamBoOM: 458, enzo
=[JFF]=Horrow: you don't play cheap do you xD
BamBoOM: actually i d be fine if i had any of them xD

I know you love Iraq but What is one place you would like to visit?
BamBoOM: Vegas xD
BamBoOM: after iraq ofc

What is your favorite food and drink?
BamBoOM: em
=[JFF]=Horrow: beer and ?!
BamBoOM: and beer
=[JFF]=Horrow: sorry vodka and ?!
=[JFF]=Horrow: no vodka ?!
BamBoOM: i dont rly like beer
BamBoOM: actually
=[JFF]=Horrow: ok then smt you love ?!
BamBoOM: vodka is fine
BamBoOM: ice tea too
=[JFF]=Horrow: that's kinda weird ....
=[JFF]=Horrow: vodka and ice tea
=[JFF]=Horrow: but who gives a fuck xD your food
BamBoOM: oh i dont eat

Do you have any pets?
BamBoOM: i have a cat back in my hometown
=[JFF]=Horrow: name and gender ?! xD
BamBoOM: and my brothers
BamBoOM: name cat and gender male

What is your favorite movie?
=[JFF]=Horrow: porns can do also
=[JFF]=Horrow: they are movies xD
BamBoOM: cant say too
BamBoOM: there are many
=[JFF]=Horrow: damn man
=[JFF]=Horrow: =....=
=[JFF]=Horrow: just one
BamBoOM: cant think of any atm, maybe i ll tell u later
BamBoOM: Any movie containing Lisa Ann or Alexis Texas

Which music genre do you prefer?
BamBoOM: i hear almost anything,,, this period house

How did you get your name?
=[JFF]=Horrow: I have idea but need your answer
BamBoOM: its a random name i made up when i was a kid xd
BamBoOM: i dont think u have tht in mind :p
=[JFF]=Horrow: No I was thinking you scared someone saying "Bam" and he shat his pants "BoOm"

Do you have a girlfriend? Can we see a picture?
=[JFF]=Horrow: and no Hands don't count
BamBoOM: haha
BamBoOM: no and no xD

Do you have some words of wisdom for the others in JFF before we close?
BamBoOM: let me think
BamBoOM: no

P.S from Horrow: He didn't give me a movie so I used my own creativity



Game Admin
Game Admin
Nice one :D
And Bam, you cant leave, I wont let you!

Idea: How about each interviewed person asks a new question for the next person at the end? To spice up the questions :)