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Interview: =[JFF]=GammaDeltaII


The Rebellious Deserter

=[JFF]=Spoma: Dear Gamma, are you ready for some torture?
GammaDeltaII: No, but go ahead :p

=[JFF]=Spoma: How come noone ever did an interview with you? It is not like youre entirely the most boring person in the world :S
GammaDeltaII: Not sure. Others came first.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Well there were a lot of interviews, you think that people might be afraid of ''the green guys''?
GammaDeltaII: Nah, some green guys were interviewed, weren't they? Thunder too. So I don't think so :p And I hope not. Nobody should be afraid to talk to a higher ranked member. We're all the same. We just have different tasks within the community. :)

=[JFF]=Spoma: What exactly is your part in the community? A color doesn't always carry a certain task, some are given by experience and mutual respect aren't they?
GammaDeltaII: True, I think as an admin you have to set an example for the others in the first place. You have to be helpful and easy to approach and be a kind of support for other members and players. Of course you need to have the appropriate experience with checking for cheaters and helping others where necessary to guide them in that. About my personal role in JFF, I think I'm a bit of a mediator sometimes. If there are any issues in the community I try to stay neutral and offer people a view from both sides.

=[JFF]=Spoma: is there an imaginary hierarchy between admins? (which i suppose would be based on the time spent in that exact role, or by that mutual respect i mentioned before)
GammaDeltaII: No, all admins are equal. During meetings everyone's opinion is equally important.

=[JFF]=Spoma: So if different admins have different jobs, are there jobs for members?
GammaDeltaII: Er .. well a members job of course is representing JFF, so he/she should act accordingly. Be friendly, try helping others, bring some fun to the community etc. But I think everyone knows that. There are also movie nights, interviews, wars, radio, posting bug reports, suggestions, arranging member meetings..

=[JFF]=Spoma: What about the wars? what exactly do you mean? Who is our ''War King'' and how is that working out, since i don't see too much of activity in that area?
GammaDeltaII: True, we don't really have a "war king", but I think that's not necessary. People can organize their own war when they like

=[JFF]=Spoma: Do you think our ''War team'' was affected by sudden disappearance of Perdikos?
GammaDeltaII: Not sure. I actually haven't played in any war for a while, so I don't know if people still regularly play wars together. Well, as I said, if people want to play a war, just take the initiative. I'm sure there are enough members who would like to play when they can.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Do you still remember how you found JFF? Do you have any special moment from that time that you might want to share?
GammaDeltaII: I believe I first joined a JFF server at the end of 2010. I played CoD2 back then, but I don’t really remember any players from that time. Later I downloaded CoD4 and played with Daimoxk, Legend and P4N1C! A lot I believe. After that i decided to check the forum and introduce myself there, but that was 2012 I think... Yup, July 15th. Shortly after that, I applied to become a member. I think that with my application you would not pass nowadays :p

=[JFF]=Spoma: i suppose you talked to members a lot by the time you joined? Who were your favorite members?
GammaDeltaII: Well, as I said, I played with P4N1C!, Daimoxk, Legend and I forgot to mention rvl Joe and my bro of course, Arnoud / Unleash. I think those were the people I spoke to most at the time. I only played on server 2, so I didn't get to know everyone. (sorry if I'm forgetting someone :p)

=[JFF]=Spoma: what was your favorite thing about the community and do you think it is still present today?
GammaDeltaII: I think it has been mentioned many times before. It was the atmosphere in the community. Just having fun playing a game together. I think it's still there, but maybe not as much as it used to be.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Did you ever think JFF will last this long?
GammaDeltaII: Yeah, though apparently Thunder wanted to quit at some point, but that was before my time I believe or at least I didn't notice anything. I think JFF has the potential to last for at least several years longer, but in the end it all depends on Thunder of course. He's putting quite some money in this community.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Of course, our existence is based on him, but I'm quite sure he wont quit anytime soon.. What is the most jeopardizing factor for our community except for the one stated above?
GammaDeltaII: That would be conflicts between members as we had in the past. So far JFF managed to survive that. I hope that will also be the case in the future.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Lately we have been struck by a lack of members, do you think voting system needs a change?
GammaDeltaII: Hmm, I don't think the system itself needs a change. If there's any change required, then it would be the way people are judging applications. Maybe we shouldn't be so picky. As I said earlier, if I would have applied now, I would probably not have been accepted.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Would you like to see any kind of changes regarding the community itself? Any ideas would be nice to see..
GammaDeltaII: I think a bit more fun on the forum would be nice. Instead of just (un)ban requests. Something like the puzzle time thread, but with less spam xD Because, really, 90% of the new posts I see are (un)ban requests. So, if anyone has a great idea, please go ahead :) Also, I think this is partly because there is a WhatsApp group now. A lot of stuff is discussed there, which used to be discussed on the forum. So, now the ones who are not in the group are missing some of the fun.

=[JFF]=Spoma: As you said before, you needed two years to apply? Why did it take you so long?
GammaDeltaII: Hmm, yeah, good question :) I wasn't really involved in the community at first. I was just playing every now and then and I only knew a few people. Only when I signed up on the forum, I really started to see the community behind the servers. So, yeah, then I also applied shortly after.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Did you go by the same name back then or did you change to GammaDeltaII later?
GammaDeltaII: I've always had this name. (Sometimes I used the abbreviated version Gamma, as I do now.)

=[JFF]=Spoma: What is the story behind it?
GammaDeltaII: Well, I've mentioned this several times I think. So, I guess quite some people know. My name is an anagram of my real name. So, for those who like to puzzle, you could try to find my real name :p I won't confirm whether your guess is correct or not though :) As undercover name I sometimes also simply used a different anagram by the way, Matei d'Amagli :p

=[JFF]=Spoma: If I am correct, you play the piano right?
GammaDeltaII: Yes, that's correct. Besides piano I also play djembé, for those who did not know.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Is there any music genre you like, except for the sound of babies crying?
=[JFF]=GammaDeltaII: I like a lot of genres, from the general stuff on the radio to classical music, except stuff like "death metal". No offence, but that is not music in my opinion.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Except for music, do you have some other affinities?
GammaDeltaII: I play table tennis and play games of course (CoD / flight sim)

=[JFF]=Spoma: Do you share that car interest with all the other boys around here?
GammaDeltaII: Not particularly. I'm a bit more interested in aircraft :D Military aircraft are of course more interesting from a technical point of view, and fighter jets always look nice, but business jets also look fancy.

=[JFF]=Spoma: If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go and why?
GammaDeltaII: I'd like to visit many places. The world has a lot of great places to visit. Nature is always nice unless spoiled by humans :|. Of course it would also be nice to see the Earth from space :)

=[JFF]=Spoma: Would you ever travel to gather some culinary experience? I noticed you opened the recipes thread so..
GammaDeltaII: I would not travel with that as sole purpose I guess, but of course you can get ideas anywhere

=[JFF]=Spoma: Are you interested in some region in particular(in a culinary sense)?
GammaDeltaII: I probably like Mediterranean the most

=[JFF]=Spoma: If you went to China, would you eat a dog?
GammaDeltaII: That depends. I heard some stories about how they treat those dogs..

=[JFF]=Spoma: You got any pets? I suppose you like dogs since you dont wanna eat them.
GammaDeltaII: Nope, I don’t have any pets. I do like animals, but I'd rather not have hairs all over the place and keeping a gold fish is just meh.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Did you have a dream career when you were a child?
GammaDeltaII: Apart from the usual astronaut / pilot stuff, not really :p

=[JFF]=Spoma: Do you have something else in plan for yourself these days? Are you studying anything at the moment?
GammaDeltaII: I'm studying Aerospace Engineering at the moment. Following a double degree Master programme in the field of Flight Dynamics, Control, Simulation and Avionics.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Well youre not far from your dream at all :O
GammaDeltaII: Who knows what the future may bring :p

=[JFF]=Spoma: Maybe it brings you a woman that you will probably never see because you will be in a different dimension with three alien lovers?
GammaDeltaII: I doubt it :p

=[JFF]=Spoma: Is there already a woman involved in your life that will chain you to this lovely planet of ours?
GammaDeltaII: Nope, there is not
=[JFF]=Spoma: Well this is terrific news for all of the ladies in JFF, Horrow will be so happy to hear this.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Do you have any words of wisdom for our boys around the world before we wrap it up?
GammaDeltaII: I'd say, just be yourself, do what you want to do, create and follow your own path in life and don't forget to enjoy the little moments.

=[JFF]=Spoma: Well that would be all then. I will also mention that this interview lasted for 4 full hours, and it originally consisted of 22 pages of text. Thank you so much for giving me so much time and so much material to work with <3
GammaDeltaII: You're welcome

1:01 - Spoma: ill go get some coffee and cookies so i can make you feel very comfortable around a very unpleasant lady
1:01 - GammaDeltaII: Haha
1:06 - Spoma: Dear Gamma, are you ready for some torture?
1:06 - GammaDeltaII: No, but go ahead :p
1:07 - Spoma: don't you get all formal on me, this aint no radio nigguh
1:07 - GammaDeltaII: Actually, where's my coffee and cookie?
1:07 - Spoma: youll get a cookie if you survive this

1:53 - Spoma: Do you still remember how you found JFF? Do you have any special moment from that time that you might want to share?
1:53 - GammaDeltaII: I believe I first joined a JFF server at the end of 2010
1:53 - GammaDeltaII: I played CoD2 back then
1:54 - Spoma: cuz youre a lazy fatass that doesnt want to sprint
1:54 - Spoma: :'D
1:54 - GammaDeltaII: But I don't really remember any players form that time
1:54 - GammaDeltaII: hahaha

2:08 - Spoma: whats the nicest thing someone from the community has ever done for you?
2:09 - GammaDeltaII: Ohw, not sure. I didn't get any postcards like you did xD
2:10 - Spoma: not even dirty socks?
2:10 - Spoma: or a nice jffporn moment
2:10 - GammaDeltaII: Nope
2:10 - GammaDeltaII: Hahah
2:11 - Spoma: if i knew you were this boring id never pick you :'D
2:11 - GammaDeltaII: Just Hyde sending me selfies, but yeah, that's normal I guess xD
2:11 - Spoma: dont get me started

2:12 - Spoma: so nobody fingered you ingame? id say thats a magical moment
2:12 - Spoma: :'D
2:12 - GammaDeltaII: Oh, sure, lot's of people fingered and milked me
2:13 - Spoma: okay, now we all know why you stayed here
2:13 - GammaDeltaII: Hahaha
2:14 - GammaDeltaII: When they started touching my boobs, I decided to move to slot 0 though xD

3:59 - Spoma: if you went to china, would you eat a dog?
3:59 - GammaDeltaII: That depends
3:59 - GammaDeltaII: I heard some stories about how they treat those dogs
4:00 - Spoma: if its a poodle, ABSOLUTELY
4:00 - GammaDeltaII: But if you've never tried it, you won't know if it tastes like chicken or not :p
4:01 - Spoma: true, i've eaten a seagull
4:01 - Spoma: xD
4:01 - Spoma: a friend from belgium took it down with a rock and grilled it. And it was good.
4:01 - GammaDeltaII: Hahah
4:02 - Spoma: boney, but good
4:02 - GammaDeltaII: With a rock? Nice skills :p
4:02 - Spoma: :D
4:02 - Spoma: the seagull thought it was food, he basically flew onto it
4:03 - GammaDeltaII: xD

4:15 - Spoma: anyway, is there any music genre you like, except for the sound of babies crying?
4:17 - GammaDeltaII: I like a lot of genres, from the general stuff on the radio to classical music, except stuff like "death metal". No offence, but that is not music in my opinion.
4:18 - GammaDeltaII: Just screaming shit
4:18 - GammaDeltaII: xD
4:18 - Spoma: agree. you can sell almost anything as lyrics today
4:18 - Spoma: but that stands for all the genres
4:19 - GammaDeltaII: Hehe, if you'd fart and add a beat it might become a hit :p
4:20 - Spoma: it rhymes, sounds like a new gwen stefani song
4:20 - GammaDeltaII: "Let it go"
4:20 - GammaDeltaII:
4:20 - Spoma: Obviously your dream career got ripped apart by tough lifes tasks, maybe you should start making money with your profound rhymes
4:21 - Spoma:
4:22 - Spoma: Rest in Peace Paul McCartney
4:23 - Spoma: ''Three more days till' Friday"
That means it's a Tuesday
Drake goes up on a Tuesday
You know what comes after a Tuesday?
Wednesday. And after Wednesday?
Thursday. '' lyrical geniuses

4:33 - Spoma: Do you have any words of wisdom for our boys around the world before we wrap it up? :)
4:33 - GammaDeltaII: Damn, now I still haven't thought about that xD
4:37 - GammaDeltaII: I'd say, just be yourself, do what you want to do, create and follow your own path in life and don't forget to enjoy the little moments.
4:37 - GammaDeltaII: Meh, just google some wise words if you need them xD
4:37 - GammaDeltaII: Oh that's wise
4:37 - GammaDeltaII: Google
4:38 - Spoma: should i change it to ''google.''

Once again, thank you @GammaDeltaII :) <3
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New member
^^ Had fun reading this ^^ I wonder about those 4 hours if there were nudes going in and out :D
It's not my fault I love Gamma he and Joe (till now) have that deep voice something below morgan freeman :p


The Rebellious Deserter
Haha, is that all that's left of those 4 hours? xD (Jk, at least half of it was off the record of course ^^)

:eek: !!! If you edit my text, it has to be flawless :D -> "a member's job"

Yeah, #BlameSpoma for any errors in my text :p

you do that, youre the green one <3


The Great
Great interview, keep with that shit up!

And I think the problem about applicants and new members was explained by Gamma himself although not intentionally, before you played at least 6+ months before you even thought about applying....I think that's the main reason we're so picky, I never judge by number of reports (only if they're false) and I never will.