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Interview: =[JFF]=Gisbourne


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Well peeps here it is, hopefully this is just the first of many :3

=[JFF]=BluFish: Heya Gis, have some time for an interview?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Hey! Sure I have! Show me what you got >:3

=[JFF]=BluFish: Alright, let's start with something basic. How did you first find JFF?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Oh, it was a year ago when I was playing on some random server that was boring. If I remember correctly I was searching on Gametracker for a new server to play on, and server #3 was the only server I liked from the top of that list, and I decided to stay :)

=[JFF]=BluFish: So you first connected to a JFF server because you just wanted to play some CoD. When did you realize that JFF also had a forum and an awesome community?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: The moment I realized I wanted to kick some cheaters out of the server :p. I think that was the main reason I found JFF forum. I knew that there was a community, but I didn't even think that it could be so amazing.

=[JFF]=BluFish: Do you remember who were the first people you became friends with at JFF?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: The guys from server #5 ofc :>. First one that comes to mind is CmD with his milking, shank and pOYNTER. Oh and Phoenix and a bullet as well! If you're asking about JFF members, I believe it was Element and Sammy. They were helping me with cheaters and taught me pretty much everything.

=[JFF]=BluFish: Was there a moment when you just thought: "Wow I really want to be a part of this." ?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: To be honest I can't specifically remember a moment, the thought just came to me. I just felt really good being here, no matter if it was server or forum - I felt that fun spirit everywhere.
Can't even explain it properly, something was just bringing me back here whenever I had free time.

=[JFF]=BluFish: I must know, did you get in with your first attempt? :p
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: I still don't know who was standing behind it but well...yes :D That was a big surprise for me, I can't express how happy I was.

=[JFF]=BluFish: With so much time of JFF behind, is there something you wish you had done differently?

=[JFF]=Gisbourne: I would've worked harder for my membership. By that I mean getting to know people and members before I applied. And even as a member, at the beginning I was so focused on reports and server stuff.

=[JFF]=BluFish: With having so many fond memories of server #5, how do you feel about it's recent decline in players, and do you think that it could be revived?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: I still love the server, it's just my place and yeah, the fact is that it stays empty all the time now is so sad for me. I've been talking about it with the others, sometimes I just come there to try to attract people, but in the end I just sit alone there :/

=[JFF]=BluFish: Besides attracting more people to #5, what else would you like to change at JFF?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Well I'm not into coding and technical stuff, so not sure that I can offer something here. I think that the changes that were made recently are really nice. I would like to see more non-members on TS so we can be even closer to them :>

=[JFF]=BluFish: What about the future of JFF? Do you ever see it ending?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: No way! I believe that JFF won't die, it's only getting better with time, so why would it have to end?

=[JFF]=BluFish: What about your future at JFF? Do you think that there's a situation that would make you quit?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Yea, sure... no internet connection is the most possible one :p Now for real, you never know what's going to happen. There is a chance I won't have so much time for gaming and will be less active, but still I would try to be as active as possible. For now though, I don't see a chance of leaving you all, I know that I would regret it.

=[JFF]=BluFish: We recently saw a video of you playing a guitar. Can you go more in depth with that and your other hobbies?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Expected that question :D I play for about 7 years, started playing on a classical guitar, later I bought an electric one so I could play in a band with my friends. As most of the bands that start at a young age, we collapsed after 5 months. As for other hobbies, I like sports- I've been jogging lately, practicing it 3 times a week. Oh, and I used to train Karate for 8 years. The other one is reading books, especially Mario Puzo books :>

=[JFF]=BluFish: What is your real name, If it's not a secret?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Jarosław, it's not a secret at all, some members know it already :d

=[JFF]=BluFish: And how did you come up with your forum/in-game name?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: It's original, isn't it? :p I am a fan of Fallout series, Gisbourne was one of the characters of Fallout Tactics - a medic if I remember correctly. Plus it sounds badass :p

=[JFF]=BluFish: So, do you have any pets?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: I've got a dog but he's pretty old though >:
=[JFF]=BluFish: You grew up with him?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Yea, as a child I had a fear of dogs, and he helped me with it.

=[JFF]=BluFish: Do you ever think of getting another companion after he's gone?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: It will probably be another dog, but of the same breed. Just no cats, I don't like those smarties xD

=[JFF]=BluFish: Do you have any prefered genre of music?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Well I don't :p I can pretty much listen to everything except Dubstep, and some new popular pop songs. But no matter if it's rock, metal, metalcore or some electric music like electrofunk, I'll be happy to listen to it ;D
=[JFF]=BluFish: Care to name a few of your favorite bands?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Hard to choose, but let it be Arctic Monkeys, Chromeo, Tool, Talk Talk, Spandau Bullets, Talking heads.... and Pearl Jam of course :3

=[JFF]=BluFish: What's a kindest deed a JFF member has ever done for you?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: First thing that comes to mind is Sipko helping me with my overheathing laptop, it took a long time but somehow he did it for me :d I don't know if this is a deed, but I'm thankful to Bauer for wars, that I can be there. Making wars is one of the most fun things that happened to me here. Plus it improved me as a player, so there's that, so yeah, let's call it a deed. ;p

=[JFF]=BluFish: And what about your taste in movies, can you name some favorites?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Have you heard of Grindhouse: Planet Terror? If not, watch it, you're going to like it :D I like movies containing a specific, abstract humor, for example all of Tarantino movies.
And sometimes I just like to watch some bad movies, to laugh at producers for making shit with a lot of money- here I can recommend a movie I recently watched called "The Room" ;)

=[JFF]=BluFish: For all the ladies watching, any type of girls you prefer?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: I don't have any specific type, except for three things: a sense of humor, that uncalled something which makes me spend time with her, and long nice legs :3 I like legs :3
=[JFF]=BluFish: You've heard it hear girls, don't shave your legs.

=[JFF]=BluFish: And finally do you have any wisdom to share with the peeps watching?
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: Sure! Always smile, do the things that you like doing in life and don't eat too much sugar - it's a white death >:3

=[JFF]=BluFish: This was fun, thanks for your time. Hopefully this is just the first of many interviews to come :)
=[JFF]=Gisbourne: I hope so :D


Given that this is my first interview, I'm all ears for suggestions :D
You can also suggest new questions you think I should ask my next victim :>

Blu: Heya gis, have some time for an interview?
Blu: .... you don't have to think that much about the answer dude xp
Gis: oh cmon, i need to xD
Gis: i want my english to look pro ;p

Gis: That was a big surprise for me, i can't even tell how happy i was
Blu: Yea, i understand i had the biggest grin this sunday :>
Gis: grin or orange? :p
Blu: wut xd, grin as in smile
Gis: oh sorry, that wasn't a good joke xD
Blu: Ahahahha
Blu: don't worry, it made me laugh at how bad it was xD

Gis: sometimes i come and try to attract some people, but i just end up sitting alone :/
Gis: idk maybe i'm just not good at attracting people xD
Blu: well maybe if we would see more pictures of your big nose :3
Gis: I have a big nose?! :0
Blu: Ok, we'll just blame it on bad angling

Blu: Do you ever think of getting a new companion after he's gone?
Gis: It will probably be a dog but of the same breed xD
Gis: im sure it won't be a cat, just don't like those smarties xD
Blu: No no no no cats....they eats de fish...
Gis: oh yea and especially those blue ones! no way i will ever get a cat! :0

Blu: do you want to add to the last answer or next question?
Gis: im thinking about the last question
Blu: k, take your time
Gis: its hard to refresh your memory for over a year back for me :D
Blu: i know, you can probably remember 15 minutes into the past max
Gis: yeah thats the point xD this makes my head overheat and i don't think anyone can help it
Gis: even superhero Sammy ;p

Blu: while you think of an answer to the question, my bowels are moving again
Gis: are they hungry? or just want to poop again?
Blu: the second one
Gis: ohhh nice blu, never thought that fishes could poop that much
Blu: hey man, you ain't ever seen blu fishes eat

Gis: And sometimes i like to watch some bad movies, just to laugh at those producers making **** for big money - here i can recomend the one i watched recently, "The Room" ;)
Gis: hahahahahha xD
Gis: well, this movie was fun for me, maybe i didnt enjoy the movie itself
Gis: but wathcing it was funny xD
Blu: next movie night: The room???
Gis: Owwww yeah, i would love it :D

Blu: And finally, do you have any wisdom to share with the peeps watching?
Gis: was that wisdom?
Blu: i'll let it pass
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Well, I have thick legs if that's what you're looking for, but sadly, I only have two hoofed legs :( But if you put on a sexy cowboy uniform, I'll let you find out. :D


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Just a little bump to let you guys know that the behind the scenes have been added now, so the *full* interview is posted now.

PS: Thank you all for the words of encouragement, it means a lot trying to revive something as big as this. The next interview is happening in two weeks time. Who is it with, you ask? It's a secret ;)