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Interview: =[JFF]=Horrow


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Lets start with the begin, how did you found justforfun and why you stayed in this bad place ?

=[JFF]=Horrow: hmm i think it was 2012 summer I searched for some call of duty server and JFF was the first one I saw and the ppl man :D they are great :D except you :D

What is your favorite part in jff ?

=[JFF]=Horrow: fav part other than Yabwon and the old fag buisness I must say the fact that I get relaxed by talking to the people :D and the fact they can't do anything about it :D and the gay talk ..... that surrounds every conversation is awesome :D

When you joined, did you think jff would last long ?

=[JFF]=Horrow: Hmmm I thought it would last long , but due to the shit that happened before a while I thought it will go down :D server sold .... members all in another place :D but gladly that shit didnt happen :D and hopefully it will last long :D at least till I die or you get broke :D

What would you like to change in jff ?

=[JFF]=Horrow: The ranking man :D Lets change the place Ill be the founder you become a member :D other than that I don't find anything that needs to be changed :D

What do you think is the future of JFF?

=[JFF]=Horrow: Other than the fact that I will become a founder :D ?! well it will get old and old :D and one day it will be JFAF, Just for acient fags :D unless it gets ruined by chicks :D We have a lot of girls on server there must be a filter. Woman are problems :D thats why we are fags or i think thats what we stand for :3

What are your hobbies?

=[JFF]=Horrow: ow I'm dead man :D I don't think I have a hobby :D except maybe swimming / gaming / sometimes programming :D getting tired of that bitch :D and making people angry :D that's my speciality and lastly reading people :D body language ...etc :D i get a lot of info's about RL :D

What is your favorite car?

=[JFF]=Horrow: Bugati / Lamburgini / all BMW / all Mercedes / all audi / all porshe
but fav :D is Shelby mustange 1967 & Nissan Z :D

What is your favorite food and drink?

=[JFF]=Horrow: ahahahah I must say ones you are familiar , kebab i think is the only one you will understand :D but anyways ill name a few more Dolma and Chili Fries :D and I like drinking tea :D and water is my fav :D

What is your favorite movie?

=[JFF]=Horrow: Dude seriously now I'm a movie lover :D I can't name number 1 =.= :D
=[JFF]=Thunder: name a couple :p
=[JFF]=Horrow: but lets say The last samurai & batman the dark knight series

do you have a girlfriend ?

=[JFF]=Horrow: this is secret but yea :D she is a cute :D

Can we have a pciture of both of u ?

=[JFF]=Horrow: don't jerk off now :D

Thanks for the interview, something else you want to say to the rest of the community ?

=[JFF]=Horrow: I guess I don't really have anything to say :D except People learn from Anubis and use . (dot) at every sentence it makes you look sexy and mean :D lol that was a big failurE :D that spelling :D and don't piss of admins :D you will only suffer :D lick their arses, yabwon and esa will love that xD

Full Chat: Link

Ardens, if you want to do it again feel free to do so. If someone else wants to do this again feel free to contact me.


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only 44 " :D " ? come on, you can do better..
nice intrerviiew, indeed your GF is god damn hot.

what is your fav car?
=[JFF]=Horrow: all Mercedes
iam in shock !! could not see that answer coming ( :D X 44 )

And Thunder i dont care to do it, but if another guy want it let him take it
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That many smileys. :D

But nice Interview! Horrow I think you should introduce your girlfriend to me. Sorry, but she's so hot!


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I hate you all :( I just wanted people to know I had a gf :(
You perverts :( and @orihime it's your fault to get married ;) if not you would have been my Queen :D
=....= I was in a good mood for once :( Can't I even smile luci :( ?! :D


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@Esa yabwon is cheating on you :D do something about it ,will you?!

Perdi if you Fap on her ... I will make your life a living hell :D


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A man is never late nor too early :D I arrive at exact time :D
lol if your husband sees this I'm dead :D but I said what I wanted to say :3
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