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Interview: =[JFF]=Horrow


Winter has come.
Nice interview! ^^
If you stare at the page for a while you will just see this

:D :D :D
:D :D

Bugati / Lamburgini / all BMW / all Mercedes / all audi / all porshe
alright, here we need to revise a bit:
Bugati = Bugatti
Lamburghini = Lamborghini
Porshe = Porsche

your girly there is better than mine, too bad... I will buy a better one one day, I know it. xD


The Rebellious Deserter
your girlfriend is cute, but not exactly my type. im more into blonds.....;)


Troll master trolled by Admins
Loooved the interview but hate the dot part . Dot dot dot dot ... i hate dots !! :p