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Interview: =[JFF]=Sammy


Retired WarTeam leader
As promised :p

=[JFF]=BluFish: Hey Sammy, have some time for an interview?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Yes I do :p

=[JFF]=BluFish: So, how did you first find JFF?
=[JFF]=Sammy: At first I used to play a lot of offline games, didn't venture into multiplayer side of gaming except for Halo: Combat Evolved. Once I stumbled across the cracked version of Call of Duty 4, I did what most people do I guess find a list of good servers to play on. I found some on Gametracker and played on them, don't even remember their names, but I kept coming back to JFF servers, and after a while I didn't play anywhere except JFF servers.

=[JFF]=BluFish: When did you first realize that besides servers, JFF had an awesome community as well?
=[JFF]=Sammy: At first I had no idea how anything was done on the servers, let alone on forums. Had no idea what hacks were used, and even the terms "Wallhack", "No Recoil" were quite new to me, but when a deviant player or one of those rude types were on the server, there was always a member to take care of it, and few good people to explain what meant what, especially the members. Little by little, I got accustomed to detecting cheaters, I was still a newbie, but I had help, I knew when someone was breaking the rules, so I decided to check the forums as it was displayed from the in-game addon. Got to know a few more people overtime because of that. I found this community as a result of some good community members and non-members :) And I'm glad I signed up, because despite the distance and difference of opinions, we all love playing games, having a good time and most of us are really helpful as well :)

=[JFF]=BluFish: Who was the first person you became good friends with at JFF?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Tbh I'm not good with "firsts", overtime it seems to fade away from memory xd I just remember a bunch of people. :p

=[JFF]=BluFish: Do you remember when you first thought:"Wow, I really want to be a part of this community."?
=[JFF]=Sammy: I didn't really feel I was cut out to be a member, I've had some conversations with at the time =[JFF]=R!se who questioned me about my interest in joining since I played quite often on server 3.
I was interested but lack the confidence to try. Overtime I saw that even though members didn't always stick around after handling a report, they were swift and helpful. And the community was a group of people from all over around world, which stuck in my mind since they knew how to get along and their attitudes were pleasant for everyone. So finally I decided I would really want to be a part of this community and be an asset too when I can be of service.

=[JFF]=BluFish: And for all of us newbies here, did you get accepted on your first attempt?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Nope, was rejected on my first attempt :p Got accepted at the second try.

=[JFF]=BluFish: With so much time at JFF behind you, is there anything you wish you had done differently?
=[JFF]=Sammy: As with the reports and stuff, I did my best. Recently I've been given an opportunity to help and do more good in JFF thanks to Thunder's trust, I just wish I had more initiative to be of such use earlier. Well that's history now :)

=[JFF]=BluFish: Is there anything you would like to change with the current situation of JFF?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Change anything? Nope. I feel that even though we're a gaming community, it's also about the people and the community stands strong as such. If there is any room for improvements to be made, they would come from the people.

=[JFF]=BluFish: What about the future of JFF? Do you ever see it ending?
=[JFF]=Sammy: In short, hell no, I don't ever see it ending.

=[JFF]=BluFish: What about your future at JFF? Do you think that there's a situation that would make you quit?
=[JFF]=Sammy: There are only 3 situations that would make me quit: If I've lost hope in the cause, if life decides that being a member and juggling priorities is too hard, and if I become of no use. The first situation will never happen thankfully, the second is an impending reality that can happen to anyone at anytime, and the third I can just hope it won't come to that xD

=[JFF]=BluFish: What about your hobbies, do you have any besides gaming?
=[JFF]=Sammy: I like to read books, watch and learn stuff that engages the mind, that sort of thing :p
=[JFF]=BluFish: What genre of books are you most comfortable with?
=[JFF]=Sammy: For fiction usually Thriller/Action/Suspense (basically anything with an engaging plot and without overdoing the theme). And for non-fiction Psychology, General Science. As long as I feel it will benefit, I will read it :p

=[JFF]=BluFish: What about movies, care to name a few favorites?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Hmm not really, although since childhood I've enjoyed the Harry Potter movies, despite the differences from the books.

=[JFF]=BluFish: Can we know your real name, if it's not a secret?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Osama Nasoordeen. It's no secret :p my apply shows it all.

=[JFF]=BluFish: And what about your forum and in-game name? How did it came to be?

=[JFF]=Sammy: In-game was Sam at first, then Sam*,...,* for the fun of it. On the forum I called myself sam93obn when making the forum account xD Didn't know I couldn't change it later :< Once I was accepted as a part of the community, Thunder helped me change it to Sammy :)

=[JFF]=BluFish: Do you have any pets?
=[JFF]=Sammy: A cat, two Bulbuls and a lot of fishes :p
=[JFF]=BluFish: What are the names of your pets?
=[JFF]=Sammy: The cat's called Pearly, the two Bulbuls are Chooty(means small in Sinhalese) and Tiny xd

=[JFF]=BluFish: What's a kindest deed a JFF member has ever done for you?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Being an ear for my worries in life @Bauer. I won't go into too much detail, you get the picture xd

=[JFF]=BluFish: For all the ladies out there, any type of girls you prefer?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Compassionate, patient and witty, mostly the first. Not bothered by looks, as it's just a perk, and it's something we all have just for a few years xd

=[JFF]=BluFish: Is there any game you would like to see get a JFF server?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Games after Battlefield 3 don't have dedicated servers, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the other hand can be dedicated. I love playing it and wish we had one :p

=[JFF]=BluFish: Is there any game/server you would like to see get revived in JFF?

=[JFF]=Sammy: CoD 2. Despite being old and the movement quite different from CoD 4, it was simple,pure and rewarded skill based gameplay and in turn becomes quite fun when you play it with a bunch of people you like to play games with. Although due to a lack of people I know who play it, I've not raised the subject.

=[JFF]=BluFish: Do you have any phobias?
=[JFF]=Sammy: So far so good, no phobias detected xd

=[JFF]=BluFish: Any finally, do you have any words of wisdom for the people reading this?
=[JFF]=Sammy: Just a quote I've thought about everyday since I read it:"Life is a teacher, but we are not always a student."

=[JFF]=BluFish: This was fun, thanks for your time :)
=[JFF]=Sammy: Credit goes to you for bearing with all the boring stuff from my life xD


*Super secret behind the scenes stuff*

Blu: Hey Sammy, have some time for an interview?
Sammy: yes i am :p
Blu: you are have some time? xd
Sammy: *have :x
Blu: i can already tell this will be a disaster
Sammy: xD o god

Sammy: this okay for u? xD
Blu: perfect
Blu: if i was on the phone i would send you that emoji that makes the ok sign with his hand
Sammy: *imagination successful*

Sammy: A cat, 2 Bulbuls and a lot of fishes :p
Blu: any blu fishes though?
Sammy: Had a blue samurai fish before xD now no :p
Sammy: O its called Siamese Fighting fish
Blu: Can't think of a more badass name for a fish
Sammy: couldn't agree more :p

Blu: Do your bulbuls have kewl haircuts like the ones i found on google though?
Sammy: Exactly the same xD
Sammy: comes default :p

Sammy: the cat's called Pearly, the 2 bulbuls are Chooty(means small in Sinhalese) and Tiny xD
Blu: wow didn't even bother do name your fish???
Sammy: i don't even know how many i have xD can't count them all even if i tried :x
Sammy: they wud swim randomly once i crossed counting 5 of them xd and then loose track :p