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Interview: =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]


Arma Guy
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Interview: =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]


=[JFF]=Ardens: Hi Warnaar, Do you have time for some questions?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: Sure i do! cant wait to answer you questions!

=[JFF]=Ardens: :D

=[JFF]=Ardens: How did you end up finding JFF?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: Well, i used an old program called all seeing eye, there wherent much cracked servers, jff was one off them.

=[JFF]=Ardens: haha nice :b

=[JFF]=Ardens: Was JFF your favorite server when you found it?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: There where 2 actually ;) JFF and nomercy, but Jff was a relaxer and more fun of course!!

=[JFF]=Ardens: <3

=[JFF]=Ardens: What was your favorite part about JFF before you joined?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: when i started playing the servers where always full, nice players and members and i liked the rules, simple and clear!

=[JFF]=Ardens: When you joined, did you think JFF would last this long?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: well, im not that long a member, so yh i thought it would last long, but now you see the cod2 section losing members and players so we have to try and keep that section allive, the other sections are still going strong!

=[JFF]=Ardens: agree :)

=[JFF]=Ardens: Who do you miss the most after they left JFF?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: thats a tough quition, i think it must be the dutch guys, snoeks, famous, smurf ect. Hope i didnt stepped on somebody's to's now! probably forgot someone!

=[JFF]=Ardens: hehe :D

=[JFF]=Ardens: What do you think is the future of JFF?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: i think JFF will only get bigger, it will attract more players, and as i said, hope cod2 will get more popular, so i can play many years!

=[JFF]=Ardens: yea :D

=[JFF]=Ardens: What would you change in JFF if you could?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: think its going reasonably well, so nothing has to be changed.

=[JFF]=Ardens: We've lasted this long, something has to be right :p

=[JFF]=Ardens: What are some hobbies of yours?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: i play tennis and soccer, and cod2 offcouse!

=[JFF]=Ardens: nice :D

=[JFF]=Ardens: What is your favorite car?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: i have a few, subaru impreza, porsche 911 and ferrari testarossa

=[JFF]=Ardens: awesome :D

=[JFF]=Ardens: What is one place you would like to visit?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: the outback off australia, or new zeeland.....

=[JFF]=Ardens: <3 me too

=[JFF]=Ardens: What is your favorite food and drink?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: drink must be coca cola (not a other one.....!) and beer. Food must be something with meat, im a real carnivore!!

=[JFF]=Ardens: What is your favorite movie?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: many, i love all kinds off movies, exept ckickflicks. Shawshank redempion, pulp fiction, dark knight, reservor dogs, lord off the rings etc

=[JFF]=Ardens: love those <3

=[JFF]=Ardens: Which music genre do you prefer?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: again allsorts, pop, rock, dance. But when i go to a festival in the summer, it must be Techno or Hardstyle!

=[JFF]=Ardens: techno <3 :D

=[JFF]=Ardens: How did you get your name?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: my name is simpel, warnaar is my last name, all my friends call me by that name, the 80 is for 1980, my year off birth, and NL is for the netherlands...

=[JFF]=Ardens: :D it makes so much sense

=[JFF]=Ardens: Do you have a girlfriend? Can we see a picture? :p

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: well, what do you think? Im 32 and still playing cod2.....but i had a girlfriend for almost 7 years its the left one

=[JFF]=Ardens: nice

=[JFF]=Ardens: Do you have some words of wisdom for the others in JFF before we close?

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: Stay in school, be relaxed and let everyone be themselves!

=[JFF]=Ardens: perfect :D

=[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: ty!

=[JFF]=Ardens: thanks so much warnaar

-Behind The Scenes-

=[JFF]=Ardens: What would you change in JFF if you could?
[10:00] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: hmmm
[10:01] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: its like a question in a beaty contest and the anwser is world peace...
[10:01] =[JFF]=Ardens: xD
[10:01] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: but i dont know really....hard one

[10:09] =[JFF]=Ardens: i love meat
[10:10] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: haha yh, its the best, to bad the animals have to be killed for that!
[10:10] =[JFF]=Ardens: eh they can make babies
[10:10] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: hahaha

[10:18] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: well, what do you think? Im 32 and still playing cod2.....
[10:19] =[JFF]=Ardens: wife? D:
[10:19] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: hahahaha
[10:19] =[JFF]=Ardens: hehe
[10:20] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: but i had a girlfriend for almost 7 years, even lived together...
[10:20] =[JFF]=Ardens: :D picture :p
[10:20] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: searching for one
[10:21] =[JFF]=Ardens: gotcha :p
[10:21] =[JFF]=Ardens: sad now
[10:21] =[JFF]=Ardens: you let us down warnaar! xD
[10:22] =[JFF]=Warnaar80[NL]: no, was searching for picture! ;)