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Interview with the top dawg himself =[JFF]=Thunder !


New member
=[JFF]=Leafy: Hi Thunder it gives me great pleasure to be the admin to interview the "top dog!" of =[JFF]=, Im sure our members would love to know why =[JFF]= , How/Why was it born?

=[JFF]=Thunder: hello leafy, Most of you guys (mainly ET) will know i had a nice community together with someone else called united-gamers. After having discussions with that guy i decieded to leave the community and quit gaming for a while. But in that time i started to miss the communication with everyone, making great servers having people who stand behind your back etc.. So i wanted to start a lil community together with misspoess since she is my rl friend, we know eachother to good :p, She came with the JustForFun after that everything was born. What mentioned tobe a lil community started to grow and is still growing.

=[JFF]=Leafy: so you and miss poess are joint founders?

=[JFF]=Thunder: yh

=[JFF]=Leafy: do you feel the strength of your rl firend ship has helped JFF grow into the strong community it has?

=[JFF]=Thunder: Yeah with that friendsship we had a good communication to talk about justforfun. Even we could meet and talk about jff private stuff in real life this is still something else then chatting

=[JFF]=Leafy: When you founded =JFF= did you realise how quickly is would grow and gain respect within the gaming community
=[JFF]=Leafy: I mean its very much a part of every day/week life for members how do u feel about being such an influence in peoples lives

=[JFF]=Thunder: euhm, i didn't expect that i would grow or exist for long since i thought , looking at my prev clans they didn't existed for long but at the first day the cod4 server was directly full and i was hoping to become something great like this

=[JFF]=Thunder: Well i hate beeing the bad ass admin but rules are rules, i don't want to be seen as a big influence guy, i'm just a human like everyone else.

=[JFF]=Leafy: well you've done a great job Thunder, which brings me to my next question...Thunder how did this name come about?

=[JFF]=Thunder: Thunder was before a lil noobie called Wim ingame:p Then i wanted to change my name so i asked on the main server where i played at start of my gaming life , someone said thunderbug so i used that name (watch xfire etc), Then i joined a clan called BUG (belgium united gamers). When they quited i removed the BUG of thunder and thunder was born :D Since then everyone knows me as thunder and never changed name again

=[JFF]=Leafy: hehe nice

=[JFF]=Thunder: not mùuch people know that :p

=[JFF]=Leafy: they will now :p

=[JFF]=Leafy: What key things do you think have kept JFF running for so long and so strongly?

=[JFF]=Thunder: A good admin team that leads justforfun behind the scenes. Leafy especialy for the great guy i learned to know ! He kept cod4 running great even when i played more ET

=[JFF]=Leafy: lol:p

=[JFF]=Leafy: As with all clans JFF has had ups and downs,Whats the most difficult thing about running a clan and what kept u going when things went wrong?

=[JFF]=Thunder: Mainly arguments with members were the most difficult for especialy i don't like to make arguments. Also handeling internal arguments between jff members. What kept me up were mee rl drink meetings with friends :p and some great ingame friends i made. Also when jff runned bad i amused myself better at school , now its going bad at school , jff is running great :)

=[JFF]=Leafy: What’s the strangest thing you ever experienced into JustForFun?

=[JFF]=Thunder: girls ... :p Hmm jff can't keep any girls in the community exept misspoes
=[JFF]=Leafy: lol xD
=[JFF]=Leafy: tru we need more girls :)

=[JFF]=Leafy: Next JFF birthday will be 2 yrs, what vision do you see for the clan then?

=[JFF]=Thunder: euhm , I'm i have a stable job at that time. I want to put justforfun on a own server so we can't affected by someone else. This will be the biggest change for jff i think.

=[JFF]=Leafy: nice

=[JFF]=Leafy: What if (a big ‘if’ of course) JustForFun would quit, what should you be doing next?

=[JFF]=Thunder: I don't dare to quit jff , but if it really die's , i disable the internet on my own pc , and quit the gaming world

=[JFF]=Leafy: That answer to me shows the true and honest commitment you make to =[JFF]= as a whole. I think I can speak for the members & admins when I say you are very highly respected by us all :)

=[JFF]=Leafy: One final thing Thunder, would you liek to say a few words of wisdom to the community?

=[JFF]=Thunder: I have wisdom o0 , never ! :p I love everyone in jff the one a bit more then the other. Your all my kids (if i can get crazy xd). And i hope you guys all have a great in community that was made to have fun !
=[JFF]=Thunder: have a great time

=[JFF]=Leafy: Great interview thunder, (hope i done ok with q's:p) its been a pleasure m8 :)


New member
great interview! cheers to thundy the bambi and to leafy
Leafy said:
=[JFF]=Leafy: What’s the strangest thing you ever experienced into JustForFun?

=[JFF]=Thunder: girls ... :p Hmm jff can't keep any girls in the community exept misspoes
=[JFF]=Leafy: lol xD
=[JFF]=Leafy: tru we need more girls :)
_O- _O- _O- girls are weird ingame ;) i just prefer to talk with them face to face they are weird when we are playing games and i'm not used to play with a girl shouting "headshot biatch go **** your gl newbie" that seems weird -O-


New member
gj leafz0ry,I knew most of them cause Im awesome(or I just talk a lot with Thundie)
I agree with more girls but there are 2 categories of gamer-girls,let me explain:
1st: Sweet girls-n1 kate!(dante says)thnx dante :) :p(says kate)
2nd: Wtf girls -n1 maria!(dante says) wtf are you asking me out??? 0.o hell no go stick a M40A3 in your fat ass noob(maria says)
so ye Thunder go find us some more MissPoess' and encourage her to join us in CoD4!

Cheers,Dante897 The Gamer-Girls-like-MissPoess Fan!


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nice intervieuw leafy
good job mate
and i didnt knew all those things :O

me to ,, :Y


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Good job Leafy! Really cool to read some things that not everybody knew about Thunder.

And another question for ya Thunnie: Do you feel you have kinda a relation to the song Thunderstruck from ACDC (you know: "Thunder!!!!")?