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Making a video


New member
Hii guys,

I wanna start with making a video, and I need you :D

Who wanna help me with some materials? I need some video stuff from all COD games (UO, 2,4,MW2, MW3, WaW), Minecraft and TF2.

The video thing can be a free spectate part, like a bird in the sky above a map, or it can be your own gameplay, or just something else ^^ Imagine :D

Can you upload the files here:

It would be awesome if you guys help me!

For questions, contact me on xFire: mariusalbino

Byeee :D


New member
another jff vid? Kourdos made one in this week....´
i cant help u cause my graphics suck, good luck


New member
Who is good at recording stuff from all games?
And who is good at editing those videos (with Sony Vegas or smthing?)

I have really nice concept, but i miss video material ^^

Who wants to join my team and make a video?