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CoD4 New try, .RS| vs JFF


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Xfire to contact war organizer : Razer : vvidov24
Clan name : Rogue Soldiers
Clan tag : .RS|
Clan site :
Skill : (low- , low+ , med- , etc...) dunno,lets say med.we play for fun

Hello gamers

What you think about friend war with us clan ? You have time and can we make it ?
We think about HC war,we alredy have server
Lets share more info :


Date & Time : Sunday, 02.08.2015 , 09:00 pm
Server : We have or yours
Server IP : Will share later
Game Type : Hardcore
No. of Players : 5 vs 5
Rounds : 13 or if we play tdm or something we can decide final score
Maps will be choosen in game: JFF, .RS| , JFF,
TS : alowed
No spec will be in game just 2 back up will be in your team
And Everyone must record demo in-case anyone wanna check

After wins in 2 mods( like war,dom or something ) team are winner

We wait answer,cheers


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What time is this? Is this GMT +1,+2,-4? etc?


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At end I can be there. If this is gonna happen if you need me guys search me on whatsapp will be the best if I am not on addon.


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Nothing personal,you guys have good servers but admins are f... up :/
good servers mean good admins/members ;)
if this is not really organiced is cause a lof of people is on hollidays or have to do real live stuff we can't be there when you can or when you want.


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I personaly dislike these wars. Since there is nobody who actualy organise them in jff and members dont have the dignity to come on time. (Sorry for the guys who always are).


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I'm actually interested, but not in some HC stuff, rather do standard pml220 s&d war, still want to have a go? ^^

Gr1m Reaper

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I'm actually interested, but not in some HC stuff, rather do standard pml220 s&d war, still want to have a go? ^^
Dude, you arent part of jff (as far as i know), neither you are part of rs (also as far as i know) so i dont think you are available participant. Just saying, sorry if i am wrong.


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you are not a member of jff. u are just registered on jff forum. like thousands of others, which does not make u a member. so u cant be a part of the CLAN War. unless u become a member of either jff or RS. i hope u understand it now