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If you wish to join our community, these are the terms and rules you must know and follow. Read Them Carefully Please And Apply Them Completely. ___________________________________________________________________________

1. This Is What We Expect From You:

- You must be at least 13 years or older to apply.

- Read our rules First > Forum Rules and Game Rules (click on them). Get to know them and follow them. You can mention them to people who don't know them and are breaking them, but please do it in a polite way and if no JFF members are present on the server or the forum.

- Be active on our servers and forum. This is how we get to know you and observe you. It also gives you a chance to get to know us and see how we function as a community. There are a lot of interesting threads in different sections of the forum for you to see and be a part of, but try to do it in a moderate way, don't spam or open old threads, if you do have questions and you cant find answers > feel free to ask us. Your in-game time is important, we need active members, so you alone must decide if you will be able to play in near future before you apply.

- We need to see that you are able to detect cheaters and rule breakers and make a valid proof. In this section > Ban Request, you can find all the information you need to make a proper ban request. This section includes a thread called General Guide To Cheater Reporting , there you will find all the info you might need on how to make and upload your proof. Big Glitch Thread and Re-Chamber Cancelling are very useful threads if you want to learn our rules. Make sure to read them all and apply them in their proper form. We do NOT accept ban requests without a proof (demo, chat log or a screenshot). If you are new to cheater detecting > take a look at old ban request threads, watch the demos and you will get the general idea of how they all look like. This is one of the most important points for you.

- Choose the right game section you want to be a part of. You can play all other games in the rest of our sections, but you have to pick the main one. You can also make ban requests in all the games you play on our servers. Changing the section is possible but not recommended, unless there is a good reason for it.

- Double Clanning is not allowed. This only goes for the games we support. If you are already a member of another clan or a community that has COD UO, COD2, COD4 or COD5 servers > we will not accept your apply request.

- Choose carefully your user name. Try to have the same name on forum as it is in game, this will help you get noticed by our members. Please make sure to check your wanted nickname with our current member names, use of similar nicknames may cause confusion. Your forum name can be changed, but this is done by request only.

- Be friendly, polite and helpful. But, above all, be honest about who you are. And maybe the best advice we can give you is this : Wait before you apply, give us time to get to know you, make sure your want-to-join thread isn't the first one you make on our forum, this might increase your chances to be accepted into our community.

- Do Not make your apply request just because you want to ban cheaters, you can easily do that as non-member. Inform yourself on how to do this in our ban request section.

- Do NOT expect to become a member of this community "over night". It takes time, effort and true commitment for that to happen.

2. Our Voting System:

- Once you made a proper apply request > our members will begin to vote. They will share their opinions and cast their votes. We will judge your activity on the forum and in-game, and also your ability to spot and report a cheater or a rule breaker and make a proper proof, you do not need to impress us, the quality of the bans is more important then the number of them. Members from all sections might vote. But, the final decision is made by our Admin Team. Roughly once a month, our Admin Team holds a meeting to decide, among other things, whether or not you are fit to become a member of our community. The result of your apply will be posted in your want-to-join thread and rest of the meeting results are posted Here (Admin Meetings). Please remain patient, few weeks might pass before you are notified about your membership, this is normal.


3. Our Ranking System:

- Our community is composed of 6 levels or ranks and each level has its function and purpose:

(Level 1) Member : A Member can only take IPs, warn players and request kicks and bans
(Level 2) KickRighted : A KickRighted can kick players but not ban them
(Level 3) BanRighted : A BanRighted can kick and ban players
(Level 4) Game Admin : Extends the Banrighted functions on the forum as well, they edit posts and threads
(Level 5) Senior Admin : They are responsible for the matters regarding their sections ( decisions, rotations ...)
(Level 6) Founder : Founders Of The Community

Each level is the extension of the previous one, and each level is given to those who, in time, expressed a certain amount of effort and skills that contributed to the well-being of this community.


4. You Got Accepted:

- If you do get accepted into out community, you will begin as Level 1 and your title will be Member. This means that you will have limited functions on the forum and especially on the servers. You Can Not Kick Or Ban players directly, you Will Not have those rights. You can only ask a community member with KickRights or BanRights to do so. Basically, your functions will be to explain the rules to players, make sure they follow them, warn them if they don't and request a kick or a ban if they continue to break them. You are always obligated to make a proof for every ban you request. In time, if your prove yourself worthy, you will be promoted, but for this to happen a lot of time might pass (few months). Also, as a member, you represent this community and your actions reflect it, try to always be a good example for others.


5. You Got Rejected:

- If you get Rejected, you have to wait 4 weeks to apply again, or simply, wait until the next admin meeting to make a new request. This will give you enough time to try and change our minds about you. If you are truly interested about becoming our member > Do Not Give Up!

- Any request made within 4 weeks since the last Admin Meeting will be denied right away and deleted. Please remain patient before making a new request.

- Before you ask us why you failed or what have you done wrong > Simply read this thread again, and this time, pay more attention!

6. Application Form:

- By now, you have read and understood our rules and expectations. If you are still willing to apply, this is our form you need to fill in . Create your own thread, Copy/Paste the questions and answer them all. Be honest and original. Download and install our Addon ( click on the link ), your apply will not be valid until you do so. Addon is a program we use mostly to chat with members and people from our community. Do Not just download it! Install it and add all JFF members as friends, this can help you on your way to membership.

  • Real name :
  • In-game name :
  • Age :
  • Country :
  • Why do you want to join ? :
  • Which games do you play ? :
  • Which servers do you play on ? :
  • When do you play (time + timezone) ? :
  • What can you do to make JFF better ? :
  • Register to use our =[JFF]= Admin Tool (it's required!)? :

Good luck, Just For Fun Team.
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