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Stop camping


New member
hello, im new here and i want to suggest the anticamping system, after a few sec, 6.7 sec ex. a mesagge apear in front "please stop camping" and if he dont move the gun disapear.
even is someone use sniper..using sniper is a personal chose as many player can chose the gun who like.
see you in game.


Game Admin
Staff member
Game Admin
It's pretty difficult to regulate it. Everybody has a different opinion on what they define as camping.

What you are suggesting is very easy to avoid with moving one step to the right and immediately to the left again. It's still camping but not detectable.

Thanks for your suggestion though, those are very helpful!


New member
taking a sniper, sit down, and play is just for noobs, a pro player can use sniper and run all game.


The snipers are still good but Check out the game in the third server.P90 jammer / silencer and then camp/its sucks