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Survey about our CoD2 servers


New member
Hello CoD2 players :D

We really appreciate it that you play on our two servers. We made a survey with a couple of questions about our servers. We will discuss the results and maybe some settings will change, and maybe new ideas will pop up.

The whole survey won't take more than 5-10 minutes, so we really hope you will help us! Here is the link:

Remember this is only for CoD2 players and CoD2 members.

For questions you can PM me via the forum or contact me on Xfire (mariusalbino).

Thanks in advance for helping us! We hope this will improve our servers!


New member
Great to see such survey for the servers of cod2! Good job !

Now players (non-members) are More involved on whats going on! Hope that many players Will fill in the questions, how more results, how better i guess!


New member
Can you get me the results today or tomorrow?
Before COD2 admin meeting?
Thanks in advance